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Company Profile

BrainEdge Education Private Limited is a company founded by visionaries who are graduates from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode(IIMK), University of Texas Houston USA , Thapar University (TU) , Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi (IIT-D).All of them have one vision in mind to impart quality education and be a leader in the field of education.

Vision Statement
To be the leading institution in the country by setting the standard for the education. To be recognized for educational programs that fosters professional skills, intellectual capacity and conceptual development, and integrate these elements within the educational program. Our programs must be of such quality that other institutions will seek to emulate what we are doing. This statement does not differentiate among levels or delivery systems of education. BrainEdge Education’s offerings for young people who want quality education for foreign study incluses courses such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL & for study in India courses such as CAT, IAS-CSAT, IBPS-Bank PO and CLAT.

To be a major contributor to the thinking within the fields of imparting specialized coaching and helping people achieve their targets of studying / immigrating abroad. To contribute significantly to the body of thought in our disciplines and to the importance of our disciplines to the society as a whole, and have nationally and internationally active professional faculty.

To be an institution with the fiscal stability, facilities, and resources required to achieve the above goals. We need the capacity to do what is called from in from the other components of the statement. This especially requires that BrainEdge Education develops a financial base that provides ongoing resources and stability.

Mission Statement
All of BrainEdge Education's programs reflect our philosophy that students learn best when developing thinking, questioning, and doing skills simultaneously. Our curriculum is well structured, based on a strong foundation program that provides the vocabulary and technical skills necessary for further and more specialized study.

BrainEdge’s faculty is made up of scholars in the field of education, all of whom are committed to teaching. The faculty provide the essence of the learning experience at the institute. The experience at BrainEdge Education Private Limited offers students a firm base upon which to launch and build a career.We recognize the needs of our students so that we can offer them the resources they need for success in their respective careers.