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Company Profile

Meet Boecker
Boecker Public Health is the Middle East largest Pest Management group providing World Class pest control, pest management, professional disinfecting, and pest control equipment & chemicals.

Founded in 1993, Boecker provides World Class quality services for commercial & residential clients including Pest Management, Food Safety Training & Consulting, Fumigation & Heat Treatment as well as professional disinfecting services.

Boecker’s offices are active in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Nigeria.
Boecker’s Customers
Boecker’s clients include various residential, institutional, and commercial accounts. Boecker services the most vital sectors of the economy; from airports to large urban projects, as well as medical facilities, food processing plants, catering and food manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, universities and schools, as well as commercial and residential facilities.

Boecker's Personnel
Boecker provides an excellent work environment, Boecker team is a professional, highly trained group of specialists in the fields of Environmental Health, Entomology, Marketing & Business Development.

Furthermore, Boecker has developed "Boecker Academy" a specialized center for the formation and training of professional pest management technicians. The Academy is run by accredited trainers with strong background in Entomology, Environmental Health, Agricultural Sciences and Field Experience.

Boecker's Service Equipment & Products
Boecker represents the World’s finest names in the field of pest management, including the world largest agrochemicals company Syngenta (Public Health), the largest Fogging equipment manufacturers Curtis Dyna-Fog (USA), as well as the World’s most specialized rodent control manufacturers Bell Laboratories (USA) and JT Eaton (USA).

Boecker also represents the world’s largest glue board manufacturers Catchmaster (USA) and the World’s Best professional compression sprayer manufacturers B&G (USA).

A large number of specialized product and equipment manufacturers from around the World complete Boecker’s supply chain and professional-sales distribution network such as UNIFIX, GREMAR, TECHNICIDE, SPECIALTY PRODUCTS and NIC/AMC.

Boecker’s Affiliations
Boecker is an ISO9001:2000 certified company and an innovator in Quality Standards.

Boecker is an active member of the National Pest Management Association, USA and the British Pest Control Association, UK.

Boecker is also one of 52 privileged Corporate Members of the Royal Institute of Public Health UK and a member of The Society of Food Hygiene Technology, UK, the International Food Protection Association, USA and the International Food Safety Executives Association, USA.

Boecker also represents Highfield Publications in Lebanon, one of the world's finest suppliers of food safety and food hygiene training material.