Blue Broccoli & Olives Private Limited,


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United Arab Emirates





Company Profile

It was simple, we wanted great tasting food that would be good for our bodies too. We searched, we found a couple of people claiming to do so. We tried the food, it was disappointing. So what we did we do? We ourselves took the plunge and decided to make great tasting food that would be nutritious too.
Combining this art and science of food however, wasn’t as easy as it sounded to us then. It took us at least 50 CVs and 25 interviews to zero in on the Chef who had sensibilities similar to ours, when it came to balancing taste and nutrition in food. Finding the right Nutritionist was an equally challenging task. We wanted one, who would not just be a prescriptive nutritionist (telling us what is allowed and what not) but a participant in the complete chain from conceptualization to the end delivery. Our hard work seems to have paid off, we have an expert team that we are proud of and to top it up, it’s a team that we are excited to work with