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Company Profile

We are Digital Media company working on the web and hand held devices. Our digital marketing team works on helping local businesses promote their business. We have a rich media team work on graphic designs and video editing.

We build customized applications to best suit the client’s requirements. We strive to come up with a solution that makes your business process simpler. If you need a technology partner with a blend of creativity then call bit canny. We would love to hear from you!


Web development and web design

We do customized web development and design websites for our clients. When making a website, our teams follow processes to ensure good quality coding and design. We believe in detailed specifications for clarity in communication. Detailed functional wireframes are a must for us before starting development. We believe that besides being functionally complete, a website must also be designed for easy navigation, device responsive and awesome to look at! Our website design team creates great looking interfaces and excellent graphics. We follow W3C recommendations on HTML structure and make sure our site loads fast. Fast response time, minified CSS and Javascript, quick loading images, minimal downloaded content, good HTML structure, etc. are kept in mind to create a user and search engine friendly website. When designing a user interface, website home page or any other web page we keep the purpose of the website in mind. Promotional interfaces like landing pages need to be designed for high conversion rate whereas business applications must consider navigation and usability. We have web development teams in PHP and ASP.Net. Our PHP developers have expertise developing on open platforms like Magento, Drupal and WordPress. Our ASP.Net team works on developing solutions using C#, MS SQL Server. Our developers are also great at using AJAX, JSON and several other front end technologies. At Bit Canny, we keep learning and evolving. If we come across a client requirement to work on something new or challenging, we feel excited. We are eager to grow our skills and abilities all the time. In order to connect with us kindly drop us an email or if you are located in Kolkata do drop in at our office.

Mobile web development and mobile apps

Mobile web development A lot of first time Internet users are starting their digital journey from a hand held device. People who had never used a computer are swiping and punching in on their phones and tablets. Mobile is very much at the forefront of all digital projects. At Bit Canny, responsive and mobile friendly design is always kept in mind while building a website. Besides design and layout we make sure our applications load fast on mobile phones and hand held devices. Our team of designers and developers are can create great mobile websites using frameworks like Twitter bootstrap and JQuery mobile. Mobile apps development We make native mobile applications for the Google Android and Apple’s IOS platforms. We have also built applications on Adobe’s Phonegap platform. We take care to enable secure data communication from mobile apps to servers using RESTful APIs and OAuth. When making mobile apps we pay attention to navigation, usability and handling off line application state for lack of connectivity. Mobile web apps and mobile native apps should both be catered for when planning a project. A lot of people will want to access your website using a mobile phone whereas your native app will allow others to access extra features. Our team would love to discuss your project in details so please drop us a mail at contactus@bitcanny.com or click here to let us know about your project. If you are located in Kolkata do drop in at our office.

Rich media services

Website design We take the design of client websites to be as important as its functionality. The purpose of the web site or web page is an important consideration when designing. The above the fold rule, landing page optimization strategies and great aesthetics are some of the factors that are considered while making a website at Bit Canny. Logo and graphic design Our design team looks meticulously into the details of your design requirements. The colours, fonts, boxed or plane backgrounds, type of audience and client preferences are carefully researched in order to come up with a great design. At Bit Canny design your graphics and logos are in the hands of experienced, talented and creative visualizers and designers. In order to connect with us kindly drop us an email or if you are located in Kolkata do drop in at our office.

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