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Company Profile

Bhojsons Group of Companies traces its roots in Nigeria way back to 19th Centuries, as a part of J.T. Chanrai Group.

Mr. B.H. Chanrai who founded Bhojsons Group in initial stage started off with trading by importation of essentials required for the Nigerian masses. Since then, the group has continuously expanded its business operation all over Nigeria. During the first half of the 20th Century, the Group concentrated on efficient distribution of commodities throughout the Federation to ensure availability of products at various locations.

It was in the 50s that the present Chairman Mr. B. B. Chanrai took over the mantle of leadership and decided to further embark upon efficient network of Supermarkets and Departmental Stores in major cities throughout the Country.
While on the other hand, plans were prepared to establish a noticeable presence in the Textile Sector. This resulted in the creation of various companies in Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Embroidery and Plastics sectors. Also yarn dying factory was set up in Accra, Ghana (West Africa).

Bhojsons Group has provided employment to many Nigerians throughout the country thus contributing to the growth of the country.

After undergoing group restructuring, in early 21st Century, Bhojsons group further embarked upon diversification drive in line with changing market requirements and is now catering to Telecom Infrastructure, FMCG Trading, Power Sector, Auto Sector, Plastics, ready to eat snacks, Personal Hygiene Care, beauty and hair products for ladies, Real Estate, etc and it is one of prominent groups in Nigeria today.