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Baby Joy is a state of the art IVF Centre & Surrogacy Centre with the primary mission to provide Highly ADVANCED yet AFFORDABLE Fertility Treatment. As part of our Patient Objectives, we strive to offer end to end IVF & Surrogacy solutions under 1 roof, with:

As part of our Clinical Objectives, we strive to offer High Success Rates, through COS :

Customization of fertility treatment
Optimisation of protocols & Lab conditions
Standardization of protocols & Lab conditions
We at Baby Joy have achieved a High Take Home Baby Rate at Lowest Cost in India

In addition to the above, Baby Joy has the following advantages:

We offer highly Advanced treatment through Expertise, Technology & Global practices
We have full time, in-house embryologist rather than a visiting embryologist
We are adept at carrying out blastocyst transfers
We have high success rates with Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs)
IVF Cycles are carried out individually, rather than in batches, for better success rates
We have an in house pathology so that the accuracy of test results can be ensured
We always show you the IVF Lab & OT before starting the process. Decision should not be taken without personally seeing all facilities.
We have doctors who are specifically qualified & experienced to handle Infertility & IVF. So don’t shy away from asking your doctor’s qualification & degrees
We have a trained team of Fertility coaches, counselors & co-ordinators
The outcome of each stage of the process are shared with transparency with the patient, rather than just telling them about the success or failure of the cycle at the end
A detailed counseling is given to each patient, with a lot of patience, because it is important to clear all doubts & make each patient understand the process properly
In case of failure, the patient are explained about the reasons & the future medical course of action

Why Baby Joy for Surrogacy :

We carry out comprehensive surrogacy solutions, both in India (New Delhi) & Nepal (Kathmandu)
We have developed PSPs- Pioneering Surrogacy Protocols through our CRM software to standardize & optimize the entire process
We offer multiple attempts till the time pregnancy is achieved
We have developed the packages in a way that the IPs do not have to spend substantial amount till the surrogate has conceived. Even after that, the instalments are taken upon successful achievement of important landmarks
In case of failure, we do not charge the preceding instalments again
We have developed SOPs (Standard operating procedures) for Surrogate Management
We have a 3-Tier System to communicate between the IPs, doctor & surrogate
We keep all our surrogates in our own surrogate homes under our direct supervision with regards to stay, food, nutrition, medicines & to handle any unforeseen situations
We carry out deliveries at our state of the art facilities that are fully equipped to impart high quality ante-natal & post-natal care
We have a special International Desk to assist our clients from abroad
We have served IPs from across the globe
We have an extensive experience of more than 4 years & hundreds of babies, in handling various challenges that might arise out of Surrogacy
Our legal team is adept at stringently working as per ICMR guidelines & MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs ) notifications
We accompany you in your journey till the very end of getting the Exit Visa granted
We have an impeccable record of sending back each & every baby to their respective country
We have tie-ups for better local co-ordination across the world – USA, Canada, UK, Australia
We have a large database of potential, healthy & screened surrogates
We have a large database of egg donors of all origins & races – Indians, Caucasians, African & oriental
We carry out egg donor & surrogate management in-house, thereby completely circumventing the role of any touts/ middlemen who can not only cheat/ misguide/ overcharge customers but can also lead them into legal hassles & high failure rates.
We are metro connected
We are centrally located in Delhi & close to the embassy area, FFRO & ICMR

Why Surrogacy in Delhi instead of other states in India ?

Delhi being the national capital offers significant advantages for surrogacy over other Indian cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Anand, Hyderabad etc.

Being the capital , Delhi boasts of best healthcare & civic infrastructure in country
Has all embassies/High commissions/consulates
Has FRRO & ICMR offices centrally located, thereby making the co-ordination easy
Boasts of a world class Metro-rail that interconnects the entire city & offers an easy mode of transportation
Much less congested with smooth traffic movement as compared to other metro cities
Much cleaner & greener as compared to other cities
Multidisciplinary cosmopolitan culture & low cost of living
Various tourist destinations that symbolize modern development & rich cultural heritage
Offers tour to the Golden Triangle- Delhi, Agra (Taj), Jaipur that is so famous amongst tourists
Was allotted the Commonwealth games of 2010,the run up to which lead to significant, world – class infrastructural development in the city.

Why Surrogacy in India?
India, today is not only considered as the hub for surrogacy, but has also been acclaimed as the world’s capital of the surrogacy sector.

Treatment in India = Treatment in USA/UK + Savings+ Tourism – Waiting Time

6-10 times lower than other developed countries. Surrogacy treatment in India costs between $20,000 & $30,000 as against to around $1,20,000 in Western countries
World-class Doctors for & Hospitals for IVF & surrogacy treatment & ante/post natal care
Unlike U.K., Australia & other western countries where the surrogate is considered to be the legal mother, India is one of the very few countries where the commissioning mother (female counterpart of the infertile couple) is considered to be the legal mother
Availability of wide choice of surrogates & egg donors due to low socio-economic status of many families
Less/ No legal hassles- Indian laws on surrogacy are liberal & favour Intended Parents
Limitations in India

Indian laws do not allow surrogacy for gays/ lesbians & singles from foreign countries
India allows surrogacy only for heterosexuals who are married for more than 2 years
Medical visa is required to travel to India for Surrogacy

Why Surrogacy in Cambodia ?

Cambodial allows surrogacy for gays, lesbians, LGBTs, singles & all married couples
Medical visa is not required to travel to Cambodia for surrogacy
Is a breathtaking tourist destination
Cambodia has all other advantages that India has like:
– Low cost
– No legal hassles due to liberal surrogacy laws favouring IPs
– Considers IPs as actual parents of the baby born through surrogacy
– Ease of getting birth certificate with the IPs’ name on it
– Ease of getting Exit visa
– Experienced doctors & international standard Centres & hospitals to carry out IVF, delivery,
ante-natal & post natal care (NICU)

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