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Company Profile

Aspirtek was founded in September 2003. Our background and expertise is in developing ERP solutions for Project-based businesses especially in the verticals such as Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate, EPC, Professional Services, Trading and Facilities Management.
Aspirtek is the developer of OMNI, a best in class ERP, for project ERP software for Enterprise Project Management. Unlike conventional ERP products, OMNI is an enterprise software solution built not around predictable processes like repetitive manufacturing, but rather one-off projects like construction, real estate, engineering, fabrication prototyping and services. OMNI has been successfully used as a Construction ERP Software, Professional Services ERP, Manpower Services ERP, Real Estate ERP, Trading ERP and Facilities Management ERP.


OMNI ERP Solution

The OMNI ERP platform is a Powerful, Completely Integrated, and Uniquely Flexible ERP for Project-based Business Models implemented in verticals such as Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure, Manpower Services, Catering and Trading.

Quantity Take-off

Developing an accurate Quantity Takeoff and Project Cost Estimate is the first step in eliminating Cost Overruns and increasing Profitability. • Traditional manual estimation takes significant time and leads to errors. Many Project Owners avoid Estimation because of the costs and time involved. • During the lifecycle of the project multiple changes lead to many rounds of re-estimation. Each re-estimation is done on the entire drawing requiring more time, effort and money • OMNI’s advanced technology gives you rapid and accurate Project Quantity Takeoff and Project Cost Estimate by scanning the 2D Autocad drawing at construction unit level. • This gives accurate estimates and re-estimates are much faster.

OMNI – Mobile Attendance

Mobile attendance is simple and elegant solution for attendance tracking. Employee can mark his attendance from anywhere in the world using his mobile device. It is fully integrated with the ERP System. You can access, track and supervise employee attendance remotely. You can generate reports and see how many hours each employee has worked.

OMNI – Mobile WMS App

From inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfilment, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is vital for improving the efficiency of a company’s warehouse operations. OMNI Mobile WMS App uses QR Code technology to track inventory. QR Code is a two dimensional bar code. The Mobile WMS App is used to track whether the ordered material is delivered at particular location according to the code printed on the purchase order. The scanned information is interpreted and automatically updated in the ERP system.