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Ashtopus: Asht means Eight (Octo) in Hindi and it was mearged with rest of the octopus word, that is how the word Ashtopus was created.

The thought behind Ashtopus is to create an organisation which is multi-facet, multi-talented, multi-skilled, multi-lingual, multi-cultural & multi national.

Ashtopus Group of companies manage business processes for companies around the world, combining its process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities with operational insight derived from experience in diverse industries to provide a wide range of services using its global delivery platform. Ashtopus Consulting’s goal is to help clients improve the ways in which they do business by using Lean Six Sigma principles, as well as cutting-edge technology, to continuously improve business processes.

Our goal is to help our clients improve the ways in which they do business by continuously improving their business processes through Six Sigma and Lean principles and by the innovative use of technology. As a service provider, we strive to be a seamless extension of our clients' operations.

We bring innovative offerings for Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Transaction Processing, and Customer Care to our clients in Government, Communications, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, and Transportation.

This depth of experience and breadth of capabilities delivers a competitive edge to Ashtopus Consulting Pvt. Ltd.’s clients – giving them the flexibility and scalability to align human and capital resources with their business strategy. Ashtopus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. simply manages its client’s operations – no matter what platform or process – with a global infrastructure and workforce, experienced field administration, and proprietary technologies, processes, and procedures that assure reliability, cost savings, improved performance, business continuity, security, and practical innovation.



AshTrack is a solution for the school student tracking when they are leaving for the schools and during their journey through the transport. With propritery RFID cards AshTag, we monitor the students movement and keep parents and school authorities informed.

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