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Company Profile

Arshiya (BSE: 506074 and NSE: Arshiya) is a Unified Supply Chain & Infrastructure Group headquartered in India. Arshiya Group is one of India's fastest growing group's engaged in the sunrise sector of Supply Chain Infrastructure and Solutions that enjoys an unparalleled business model. Our services are supported by World Class Infrastructure, top notch supply chain management & domain expertise and state-of-the-art technology and IT solutions. Our Supply Chain Infrastructure comprises business components of supply chain services of every possible gamut the clients may need to efficiently deploy their supply chain.


Free Trade & Warehousing Zones

One of our biggest achievements has been the development of India's first Free Trade & Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) at Panvel, Mumbai spanning across 165 acres and Khurja, Uttar Pradesh spanning 315 acres. These would be followed by an FTWZ at Nagpur and a two more in the South and East of India.

Rail and Rail Infrastructure

We provided Customized and chartered Pan India Rail Freight services and state-of-the-art Rail terminal facilities. With capability of large scale evacuation of cargo from Ports, Distribution Hubs, Free Trade and Warehousing Zones and Customer Sidings, it promises to save time and cost, and significantly boost profitability.

Supply Chain Technology & Management

Provides end-to-end supply & demand chain solutions to our clients, that helps plug loopholes in the clients supply chain and acts as an engine that drives their business performance.

Transport & Handling

We provide first and last mile connectivity to our clients through world class transportation infrastructure and services.