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Company Profile

Defender Apps is a revolutionary mobile security software from APPI Informatics, an IT wing of S.C. Constructions Ltd, founded in 1990. The organization conceived another vertical in 1995 to add quality and value to distribution process of some large Indian medicine brands. Having flourished, we moved on to streamline manufacturing for the same brands.

Later on, in 2004 we started making our impression in Real Estate and construction projects under government contracts. As of today, S.C. Constructions Ltd is a government contract company with an annual turnover of 475 Cr INR and has an exclusive distribution channel network with Electrosteel Ltd. Its three medicine manufacturing units have reported a combined annual turnover of 175 Cr INR.

Meanwhile, our experts in mobile and telecommunication were analysing markets and user needs to come up with some software that would change the way we roam the digital world. More than 60 Cr INR worth of Research and Development efforts have been invested on studying digital market scenario and coming up with futuristic software solutions. We have been providing SAS to European and American clients. Customized solutions in terms of web application and software are available with us.

Finally, in 2015, we put a new feather to our cap with Defender App from APPI Informatics as a proactive step to serve growing smart phone necessities. This security cum entertainment app is an emblem of our years of dedication and hard work. We promise a smile across your face every time you tap on Defender.

With the kind of growth trend Defender Apps is expecting a business turnover of more than 200 Cr annually. The marketing team of the organization is currently working on carrying out a nationwide branding campaign through television, media, advertisements and digital methods. In the coming few months you are going to read about us everywhere.

APPI is looking forward to further investment in hardware infrastructure and launch devices and accessories for the Indian customers. This is how we plan to complement and complete our Telecom portfolio.

To make the mission come true, we are in a mission to join hands with the renowned name in the trade to put us ahead in the race and we grow as our Channel Partners grow with us.

So to respect the efforts and handwork put together to make the things happen, we would like to appreciate our Channel Partners with a porting of share of the turnover.