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Company Profile

Aphro, as Aphrodite, comprises beauty, love and passion – Beauty of logical programming; love for innovation; and passion to perform better. We are a young company and that is our strength. Being a young company allow us to be very flexible, creative, and prompt to cater our clients. Our team, includes experienced technicians; young designers; and consultants, is always happy to provide a solution best suitable for you. The beauty of our work lies in deciding the most suitable technology, cost efficient process, smoother operations and support.

We, at Aphro, concentrate to provide complete customized solutions for the dynamic and distinct needs of our clients. Our focus is to provide the latest in technology and best in service. May it be wired or wireless networking solutions with billing servers, B2B Automated Sales and CRM solutions (web based), or Interactive websites with simplest to complicated databases and much more – we have expertise!

Continuously seeking to work with companies with similar objectives, we have strategically partnered with companies like Wings Inet solutions (I) Pvt Ltd, VHK Hospitality Solutions Pvt Ltd, Net4 India Ltd, etc. Our cliental include national and international companies indulged in industries like – Hotels and Restaurants, Manufacturing and Trading, Corporate and Call Centers, Distribution and Logistics etc.