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Multi-Apex Pharma is an Egyptian stock company. It is the result of two Egyptian companies merging together in 2011.

a- Apex Pharma: One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies with a highly reputable management and marketing team & with a capital of 90,700 Million Egyptian Pounds

b- Multi-Apex Pharma: A leading Egyptian Pharmaceutical company with a capital of 120 Million Egyptian Pounds

Multi-Apex Pharma is fortunate to have an excellent management team well versed in the working of the pharmaceutical industry both locally and internationally. Dr. Magdy Elba, Chairman and CEO, has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East. He has held key positions in major pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East e.g. General Manager for Sandoz /Wander Egypt. Dr. Amr Yacout the Vice Chairman has 27 years of experience with both Sandoz Pharmaceutical and Bristol Myers Squibb companies in South East Asia and the Middle East. Their visionary leadership and relentless efforts are a moving force to shape Multi-Apex into a value based pharmaceutical company capable of coping with future challenges.

Multi-Apex Pharma primary focus is on high quality both internally and externally. The management philosophy holds quality as a key element to its success. This means production of high quality products which are suitably priced and ensure that they reach their maximum potential in the market. Internally the management believes that people make the difference and that the workforce is a very important asset of the company. Therefore, careful attention is given to their selection, training and development at all levels. Management pays special effort to build an atmosphere where each employee believes that he or she is an important element to the company’s success and strive to make it even better.

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