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Aosta, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the goal of creating the best possible software to make the task of delivering healthcare easier. With the rise of technology throughout the healthcare field, Aosta, Inc. began to develop cutting edge software to better manage the information generated by newer technologies with one eye firmly focused on patient safety and the other on improving healthcare delivery.

We believe that the benefits of software designed thoughtfully and purposefully can effectively address the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Aosta's Information Technology solutions in healthcare can help provide enhanced care to patients while conforming to present and emerging standards and regulations and ensuring seamless integration within the various divisions of healthcare. Finally, we firmly believe these solutions have a critical social relevance for patients by providing accurate monitoring and compliance with best procedures and practices.

Our team is comprised of people who bridge both fields of information technology and healthcare. The company is deeply committed to its goals of providing applications that enhance patient safety, automate revenue cycles, secure patient information, manage scheduling, and improve financial management. The company also offers software for other health care companies such as blood banks, labs, and pharmacies as well as for companies involved in practice management, home health, and long-term care providers.

Leveraging its heritage and domain expertise, and with the help of experts in almost very aspect of the healthcare field, we are focused on the continuing challenges that the healthcare field faces and the solutions that would solve them. From the core to the top each and every unique part is taken into consideration.

At the beginning of 2006, Aosta released its Backbone Health Information Systems (Backbone HIST) package. This comprehensive package is made of a suite of modules that are designed to increase productivity while assisting in quality assurance for healthcare organizations and patients. While we continue to research better and safer ways to manage health care information, through the Backbone HIST system, Aosta is one step closer to fulfilling that commitment.


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