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Antier Solutions Pvt Ltd is an IT Consulting Company established with an aim to provide rich application development and bespoke solutions in web and mobile space using agile methodology. We provide custom solutions in Microsoft & open source technologies. Our project management services are holistic and our strategy solutions unsurpassed.



Due to the ease of customisation, updating and maintenance, web applications have shot straight up the popularity charts. Couple these features with Antier advantage and you have the perfect recipe for a successful web application. We undertake strategic brain-storming and initial planning stages to prepare a strong foundation for a truly remarkable web apps.


The world is virtually living on mobile devices today. Every successful website or application has extended itself beyond desktop versions to responsive mobile designs. As for the app market, it is hotter than ever and will continue to rise. Our mobile applications service is focused singularly on bringing your customer to you even through their mobile phones, expanding the avenues for them to discover your brand. We develop mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and hybrid versions. We can optimise your apps for all arrays of devices out there and even integrate them with enterprise applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and such.


UI design is the art of simplifying even the most complex of your messages and the way they are presented to your audience. A beautifully designed user-interface can make or break the opinion about your brand. That is why we devote time in understanding your target audience, carry out thorough research on their needs, wants and expectations, and accordingly zero in on the most probable USPs for your project. We produce user experiences keeping in mind the level of technical literacy of your target audience.

Web Design

The norm today is that if you have no online presence, you almost do not exist at all. A well-structured, clean, user-friendly website that gives its visitors the information they need exactly where they want it is all it takes for your business to go from local to global. Antier has achieved excellence in website design over its span of ten years through hard work and demanding projects. That is why, when we deliver a website, it is nothing short of astounding.

Product Development

Antier’s product development services for offshore clients has garnered us quite a reputation with our clients—some of whom are happily running their business with our CRM apps, while others came for one project but decided to decided to return again and again for other projects too thus laying foundation of long-term partnerships. We take care of your product, from its pre-planning stages right up to its completion, test-runs and maintenance. We give you a business model to make it easy for you to operate online through internet. Give us a brief, and we shall deliver a fully-customised product using only the most advanced and practical technical knowledge. Through these products, we aim to help you grow, reduce marketing costs and rake in more business.

Corporate Branding

Ours is an age of brands. If you are not a brand, or have a unique identity potent enough to capture your prospective customers’ mind, you might as well be talking to your target audience with the mute switch on. Corporate branding not just helps you conceptualise, shape-up, and roll out a marketing image woven together in a string of unity and harmony, it also helps get across your innate brand message.

Internet Marketing

Your website is your most economical and reliable marketing resource. Since, nearly 85% of all web page traffic is derived from search engine listings, it is imperative to maintain a good ranking of your website amongst the popular search engines, else without maximum visibility, you will remain unknown to your online potential customers.
We are aware of this important requirement and hereby, offer our Internet Marketing Services designed to optimise your website in order to achieve higher listings on the top search engines.

IT Consulting

Businesses, today, need to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. For staying ahead of that change and achieving long-term success, one requires ongoing business transformation.

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