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Company Profile

Over the last five decades, Anchor has managed to capture the attention of every citizen in this country. It started with a humble vision of manufacturing electrical products of outstanding quality at a time when the market involving electrical switches or wiring devices was handled by the unorganized sector. The advent of Anchor not only organized the sector, but also brought electrical accessories into mainstream commerce. As a brand, Anchor signifies Trust, Safety and Reliability. These qualities have helped Anchor carve a niche for itself in the electrical accessories market.

Anchor is solely responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of world-class eco-friendly products that have added value to the lives of people. The ideology of Panasonic's founder, ‘Konosuke Matsushita' drives the everyday business at Anchor. It states that "the company must contribute to society through its business as a public entity."

Anchor is a part of the second largest conglomerate in the electronics industry. As a proud part of the Panasonic Corporation that is located in Japan, Anchor has taken it upon itself to conserve the environment, thus paving a path to a safe, healthy and environment friendly lifestyle.

Anchor's merger with Panasonic resulted in a fusion of technological expertise and vast distribution strength. Today, Anchor offers a wide range of more than 3000 exciting products across various product groups. These products are sold with the help of 5000 dealers and 450,000 retail outlets.

Firepro, an infrastructure and security solutions giant, was recently acquired by Anchor. This acquisition helped Anchor further its horizons in terms of growth and expansion. Dominating the electrical accessories market and playing a pivotal role in the country's infrastructure development, Anchor continues to deliver reliable services and long lasting products of top quality in India and other neighboring markets.