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Ambest Media, a brand solution successfully manages the creation of brand by researching and formulating marketing mix as well as advertising strategies. We are an agency established in the year 2000 in Mumbai comprising hard-core professionals having experience and expertise in the relevant creative and marketing arena. We have been working successfully with customers from INDIA, USA, UAE and HONG KONG, etc. mostly on banking, pharmaceutical and FMCG sector.

We act as a multi-disciplinary creative platform with a strategically planned design management system to provide innovative solutions to business. As a Communication Design Consultant, we believe in the transformation and integration of ideas at various level of brand communication. Communication is the key to transform the ideas, values, ethics, beliefs, promises and vision of a brand or business into a form that is e?ectively understood and accepted by the customers, target audiences and society. The positive response towards an e?ective communication is what ful?lls our target.

We believe in coming up with one big idea that changes perception as well as thinking, for us Ideas that Works is our main motto. Our passion is to let the brand speak of its own in various medium considering Below The Line and Ahead The Line Activation. We not only provide services for urban promotions, but we also cater to rural activations and promotions.

For us the new USP is not only unique selling preposition but it is ESP i.e. Emotional Selling Preposition. We all know that sales are based mostly on emotion and the decision is backed up with logic. We trigger “beneath the service” insight to create emotion along with logic.

We have a dedicated approach to understand our clients, their brands and products, combined with intensive research and analysis of the target markets– consumers and the media they interact with; we deliver strategies that work. In order to sell a dream you have to be able to make it real, otherwise you only have a nightmare.



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