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Company Profile

ALROWAD IT Solutions was established to be a leading national provider of information technology solutions and integrated services in the United Arab Emirates, GCC countries and worldwide.

ALROWAD IT Solutions proudly supports the national economy by:

Raising the awareness and usage of e-commerce and remote interaction, especially in the fields of (G2B) and (G2G).
Creating and developing electronic systems designed to support e-government projects within the country and the region.
Providing expert IT consulting and technical training to improve the performance and productivity of organizations in both the public and private sectors.
Developing national cadres in the field of information technology, business and management to ensure Emiratization in the field of information technology.
Designing innovative and cutting-edge software solutions, electronic systems and integrated services that target various sectors including: government, financial and energy in the United Arab Emirates, GCC countries and the world.

We are dedicated to your organization’s success. Every solution we develop is driven by your strategic objectives combined with industry best practices. From thorough analysis of your environment to flawless implementation, our teams of experts ensure that we develop and deliver cost-effective critical solutions that achieve the desired results.

ALROWAD IT Solutions’ value proposition lies in proven processes, superior technologies and exceptional customer service. We’ve built a reputation on delivering solutions which translate into an immediate return on investment for our clients.

We pride ourselves on always exceeding our clients’ expectations of quality and delivering projects on time and on budget. At ALROWAD IT Solutions customer satisfaction with our products and solutions will always be our ultimate goal.



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