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Many of the world’s leading corporate Groups began with the vision and drive of one individual. Back in 1911 when Kuwait was a modest trading, fishing and pearl diving community, a young man laid the foundation of what was to grow into one of Kuwait’s most successful companies based on firm principles of quality and reputation which deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Abdulaziz Abdulmohsin Al-Rashed witnessed the remarkable transition in this small Gulf state with the discovery of oil and resultant impact on the Kuwait economy. His strategy of building long-term strategic alliances with international partners has stood the test of time and remains the basis on which the Al-Rashed Group operates today. Participation in the many major oil and utilities projects is a major feature of this successful strategy and is further complemented by a strong local capability in equipment supply, service and logistics.

The increased complexity and challenges of the Kuwait market created the need for more formal business structures. As a result the Al-Rashed Group for Projects Holding Company was established in 2000 to create a cohesive legal and management structure for the successful individual Al-Rashed companies, enhancing capability in the key areas, of business strategy, financial strength and operational synergies. Characterised by a high degree of flexibility, Al-Rashed Holdings is today able to combine: fully managed wholly owned subsidiaries; shared management joint ventures; international agency representation; licensed manufacturing and service centres; sales and distribution as well as direct investments in strategic markets.

Al-Rashed can proudly demonstrate a successful track record and enjoys strong relationships with many leading international companies for more than fifty years.

Looking ahead Al-Rashed Holdings will continue to seek opportunities to further strengthen relationships with its international partners as well as seeking new opportunities to complement its strength in key strategic markets.

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