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Al Masaood Oil Industry Supplies & Services Company (MOISS) has been serving the oil industry since 1971. MOISS is one of the leading oilfield supplies and services company in UAE. We are considered as one of the main suppliers for the Oil and Gas Industry, Governmental Departments and Contractors. The goal of MOISS is to innovate and provide advanced, quality products and solutions, along with the industry's leading customer service and support, all at the best prices in the market. No client we serve ever becomes just a file number. At MOISS, we continue to give the personal attention and care that each client expects from us.

With an experience of over 35 years and operating on a quality system on certified ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004 standards, we provide expert services throughout the United Arab Emirates and Middle East. The head office of MOISS is in Abu-Dhabi and we have branches and show rooms in Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Jabel Ali. In addition, we also have well-established offices in Qatar, Oman, KSA, Yemen, and Pakistan. Our Abu Dhabi office acts as a regional office base for a number of well-known International oilfield companies.

Our warehouse facilities are by far the best in the UAE. Our Mussafah Workshop and Supply Base provides facilities to store and handle all types of products with 4,200 sq. meters of steel frame covered warehousing, 15,880 sq. meters of open storage and air conditioned stores for heat sensitive materials. Also, the supply base has its own deep water jetty, complete with potable water and fuel bunkering services. Our own transport fleet, with extensive range of material handling equipment, supports the operation. In addition to the above, we also have a warehouse facilities in Dubai, Sharjah, Jebel Ali Free zone area, Doha, Al Khobar, and Pakistan.

As one of the most diversified suppliers of oil & gas equipment, we offer a wide range of supplies and services for:-

Drilling and Workover Operations.
Oil Refineries
Gas & Petrochemical Plants
Power & Desalination Plants.
MOISS’s accelerated expansion and drive for optimal performance led to the formation of a multidivisional organization structure. Each division is headed by a Manager armed with exceptional knowledge and experience in his area of operation.


Tubular (Casing & Tubing)

Al Masaood OISS Tubular Services’ has become international, expanding beyond the walls of the Gulf region. It is a significant mark in the Oil & Gas Industry which depends on experience, high technology, and team work to meet all challenges of the oilfield sector.

The most technologically advanced Casing and Tubular Service Department of MOISS is proud to serve throughout UAE, Qatar, KSA, Oman, Yemen, Pakistan and other Middle East countries.

Tubular handling technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. The increase in use of premium grade connections and expensive tubulars have resulted in demand for more sophisticated handling and running techniques. MOISS is proud of being able to offer the latest technology using computerized torque-turn analysis system that records every parameter of connection make-up. MOISS has the newest and most advanced Torque Turn Monitoring System to run Carbon steel, Fiber glass and CRA tubulars. The division also has specialized expertise to handle chrome Single, Tandem and Dual Completions. An ongoing training program has been established to field personnel to ensure that tubular service skills are continually improved to maximize efficiency and minimize rig time.

Completion and Sub-Assembly Services Division

‘Completion Run In Hole & Sub Assembly make up & Testing services’ were established by MOISS in 1985 to assist the operating oil companies to minimize rig lost time while running completions.

Our well equipped warehouse facility with the most advanced bucking system to make up high chromium connection of any make, coupled with advanced joint analyzed make up computers (JAM), has proved to be the most reliable make up system to achieve a leak proof connection. High pressure testing is made safe to the extreme by pressure testing being carried out inside a 60’ feet long testing bunker. Handling of assemblies is made easy with a 5 ton over head crane operated in the division. Supervisors complete the final computerized documentation with all the specifications of the assembly. The assemblies are shipped to the field in a properly secured manner.

Apart from hydro testing MOISS is equipped with one of the most advance Helium Operated Leak Detection System (HOLD). It has a maximum pressure rating of 20K psi and an advanced external sniffing system coupled with software to detect a helium gas leak.

Completion Run in Hole service is another strong area of services provided my MOISS. Our highly experienced completion engineers are capable of running any type of completion such as singles, duels, multi lateral, and gas. Through the help of MOISS’s advanced completion-running proc

Air Loop and H2S Services Division

AL MASAOOD OIL INDUSTRY SUPPLIES AND SERVICES, with its long experience in supporting the petroleum industry (Oil and GAS), established an Air Loop and H2S Safety Services’ division due to its belief in health, safety and environment.

The Air Loop and H2S Safety Services division is involved in providing, for many years, H2S/Air loop services, equipment and personnel to the Petroleum industry for onshore and offshore, drilling, production and work-over rigs and barges.

Our SERVICE CENTER in Mussafah (Abu Dhabi, UAE) is manned by trained technicians who respond promptly and professionally to all service jobs. The service center prepares and assembles new air loop packages and sends them to the appropriate location. It also provides storage, preventive maintenance and repair of stand by packages. We also carry an extensive range of spare parts to provide a full backup for our service contracts and after sales support.

Besides the above, we offer the following services:

Sales, Rental and Calibration of Gas detection Equipment.
Sales and rental of breathing apparatus.
Safety consultants.
Field and classroom training.
Cylinder Hydro test services.
Breathing Apparatus electronic performance testing.
Our H2S/AIR LOOP engineers and consultants are our most important assets. They are experts in their fields and are always ready to discuss client specific needs and provide them with the suitable solution.

Corrosion Monitoring and Cathodic Protection Services Division

The ‘Corrosion Engineering Services’ division of Al Masaood OISS offers products and services in the field of corrosion, mainly aimed at the O&G industries.

The Products include in particular the range of corrosion monitoring systems from our Principals ROHRBACK COSASCO, the world leader in the domain, with reference brand names such as COSASCO®, CORROSOMETER® , CORRATER® , MICROCOR®. We also include full range of products for the cathodic protection of buried or immersed structures from our Principal AMRAN.

The Services to the O&G industries include the site operation, maintenance and certification of high pressure COSASCO tools, the installation and operation of corrosion monitoring and chemical injection systems, the processing and analysis of corrosion data from coupons and probes, and more generally the consulting services in the field of internal corrosion. The internal corrosion services are completed by the range of services for cathodic protection (surveys, CIPS, DCVG, installation and monitoring).


Access fittings
Corrosion probes
Corrosion meters
High-pressure retrieval tools
Instrumentation for Corrosion Monitoring
Remote monitoring systems

Indistrial Product Division

MOISS – IPD is the industrial products trading and service division of Al Masaood Oil Industry Supplies and Services Company representing several world renowned manufacturers of engineering and industrial products. MOISS – IPD is specialized in offering products and services to the core industrial sectors. With a modest start in the early 1990s, IPD has grown in to a multi product group giving focus to each of its activities.

MOISS – IPD product group consists of Hoses and Fittings, Piping, Wire Rope and Lifting accessories, Climbing Products, Industrial Endoscope, Fire Extinguishers and specialized engineering products such as bag filling etc...

Following are the subdivisions of MOISS – IPD

Wire Ropes and Lifting Products
Climbing Products
Battery - Exide Brand
Wananda Fire Extinguisher


In May 1990, Al Masaood Oil Industry Supplies & Services Co. had entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Furmanite International. On January 2000, Al Masaood OISS bought the shares of Furmanite International in the Joint Venture to become the 100% owner under a License Agreement with Furmanite International. ‘Al Masaood Pressure Services’ (AMPS) division was then established. Since then, AMPS has succeeded in establishing teams of very efficient, well trained and well equipped specialist field service technicians, who are capable of responding to our customer's needs 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Furmanite International is a UK based company with a worldwide network of subsidiaries and associates, providing specialist engineering services and related products to meet the plant start up maintenance and turnaround requirements of the process industries.

The company has over Seventy Six (76) years of experience in Under Pressure Leak Sealing services and has progressively developed additional specialist services. Throughout the world, Furmanite has a dependable reputation for solving customer's problems by cost effective applications of on-site services.

AMPS, with the support of MOISS facilities and Furmanite International’s backup, has full local resources, including expatriate staff and setup to provide the following services:

On-line, (Under Pressure) leak sealing.
On-Line Safety Relief Valve Testing.
On-site Machining.
Hot Tapping & On-Line Plugging
Composite pipe repair.
On-Line Valve Maintenance Services
Controlled Bolting Services.
Pipe Freezing (Pipeline isolation method).

MOISS Services

Al Masaood OISS was established in 1971 and has been expanding with the growth of the oil industries in UAE and the Gulf region. We have become one of the major companies in oil field supplies & services operating with quality systems on certifiedISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14000:2004 standards.

In U.A.E., our head office is in Abu Dhabi and we have offices, showrooms and workshops in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Jebel Ali and Al Ain. In addition to this, we also have well-established offices/showrooms in Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. We deal with all the oil and gas companies, and also government departments & private companies like Defence, Ministry of interior, Municipality, Adwea, Transco, and Seaport Authority. We also deal with EPC and sub contracting companies like Technip, Snamprogetti, Bechtel, VECO Engineering, Mc Dermot Inc., Deutsche Babcock, National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), C.C.C., Worely, Dodsal, Panjlloyd, Matrix, Pan-Arabian, CAT, Valentine Maritime etc… With Al Masaood OISS you can get your requirements fulfilled at the best competitive prices with best services.

General Warehouse

MOISS has one of the best ‘warehouse’ facilities in Mussafah, UAE with beautiful greenery around and inside it. It is equipped with modern equipments to handle the operations of each division in the most effective and efficient manner. Our Mussafah workshop and supply base covers a total area of 23,868 sq. meters with 4,200 sq. meters of covered area, 15,880 sq. meters of open and air conditioned storage area for heat sensitive materials, and 3,788 sq. meters of area for Marine Jetty berthing & Marine services. The warehouse facilitates the storage and handling of all kinds of products with its up-to-date technology and infrastructure. The supply base has its own deepwater dock, complete with potable water and fuel bunkering services. The operation is supported by its own transport fleet with extensive range of material handling equipments. In addition, we have warehouse facilities at Dubai, Sharjah, Jebel Ali Free Zone,Doha, Al Khobar, and Pakistan.

Marine Services

MOISS has one of the best and well-equipped ‘Marine Jetty Berthing’ division to handle any kind of shipping and cargo operation with an excellent level of services. MOISS has a specially designed storage area with well-trained technical staff to handle oilfield equipment, drill pipes, tubing, and mud chemicals. We provide excellent services to the leading oilfield service companies to supply and receive the necessary equipment for offshore rigs with the highest quality of Health, Safety & Environment standard.

We have the capacity of berthing two supply boats or motor tankers at one time and are capable of handling both of them simultaneously. We are equipped with 80 Metric Tons and 36 Metric Tons Heavy duty cranes with expert operators to handle loading / unloading of any kind of heavy machineries, equipments and have three huge professionally build warehouses to provide storage facilities to general cargo, chemicals, hazardous cargo, and even sensitive electronic items.

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