Company Profile

ADVANCETECH was established in 1995 with the aim to provide quality service, state-of-the-art products and solutions by leveraging the vast experience of the founders of the company in the field of technology.

The company is a leading provider of technology products and services with over 200 man-years of unmatched experience with more than 500 satisfied customers.

We are recognized as the pioneer in many technological products and have been involved m application oriented support and solution programmes.

We attribute our success to our dedicated employees They meet our esteemed customer's need to succeed m this technological race with time by providing state-of-the-art products and solutions.

The independent business groups within ADVANCETECH are headed by dynamic team leaders and cater to the diversified market segments within India and the other countries

The business groups are lead by experienced group leaders and supported by team of qualified personnel who are PhDs, MBAs and engineers for value addition and application support through out the nation.

All business groups are mannaged with product, marketing and service team. The service team members are trained in factories; to provide world class support services.

We have seen excellent growth in diversify market segments. Our reach in diversified market has helped us to sustain the growth rate irrespective of market sentiments in any individual segment.

We provide Solutions and Technologies to the following major market segments,

Intelligent Automation
Rugged & Embedded
Education & Research
Banking & Enterprise


Intelligent Automation

* Plant Automation
* Factory Automation
* Facility Management
* Energy
* Corrosion Engineering
* Enterprise Solutions

Rugged & Embedded

* Rugged Systems
* Rugged Boards & Modules
* Rugged Displays & Laptops
* Avionic Interface Modules
* Data Acquisition
* Embedded Boards
* Software
* Test & Measurement
* Components

Education & Research

* Nuclear Instrumentation & Spectroscopy
* Nanotechnology
* Teaching Equipment
* Electrochemistry
* Corrosion
* Load & Test Solution

Banking & Enterprise

* Trading Floor Solutions
* Voice Recording Solution