Seeing Miracles - Law of Attraction Works

Published By Caroseo Agency, 28 Feb 2023

The Law of Attraction doesn't bring about your wishes in direct ways. Because of this, we don't always recognize the way things are falling into place. Let me show you some of the ways it works, and remind you of a few principles you must follow.

The New Power of Positive

Norman Vincent Peale wrote The Power of Positive Thinking in 1956. Many of the principles of New Thought are incorporated in his widely read book, with Christian or biblical principles generously incorporated.

"Many of my patients have nothing wrong with them except their thoughts," he quotes from a physician.

Peale's prescription was to empty your mind at least twice a day.

This is exactly the prescription given by the Silva method for reclaiming health and moving on to an abundant life. Charles Haanel and every coach of the Law of Attraction recommends regular if not daily meditation.

There are two important parts to meditation and a bonus:

First, it clears your mind of negativity and often connects you to a sense of peace. Some think of this as connecting to the One/Source/Creator, but it is also a connecting with the NOW, present time, and a disconnect from your Ego which lives almost totally in the past and future.

Second, it allows you an opportunity to connect with your own higher self. Your higher self, higher mind or spiritual self knows your heart's desire and can see your future pathway depending on the individual choices you make. Connecting with your higher mind connects you with this information ucdm  often comes as intuition or in-sight.

The bonus is that you let go of stress. Doing so moves resources to your cognitive mind from your lizard mind (which is in charge of flight or fight) and from your muscles and bones to your digestive, reproductive and sexual systems. These systems are neglected during stress reactions which is how many people live their lives. This is one reason for depression and for erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems suffered by so many.

So, just letting go of negativity already creates great healing and we haven't even talked about being more positive yet!

Being Positive and Starting to See the Miracles

Mike Dooley said in his last training, that he didn't even notice when his dream came true. It happened in many small pieces that just somehow fit together neatly. And, this is usually how the Law of Attraction works.

You have your dream, and then you start to get intuitive nudges that seem to be little activities, and sometimes they seem to be unrelated to your dream. But, at the end, when you look back, you can see how they were all a part of your co-creation.

So, let's step back a bit. Clearing your mind as we talked about above can create major changes in your attitude, the way that you think, and in your ability to "roll with the punches." These are all aspects of increasing your vibratory rate and raising your beliefs to allow for your new success.

For example, I started doing a long commute to work in 2004. I had bought a home 70 miles from where I worked. (Rush hour on the Long Island Expressway is probably like rush hour near LA. No one is able to rush anywhere.) In 2004, I sold the apartment that was 7 miles from work. In part this was my cats' decision. They hated going back to the city on Sunday night or Monday morning. They cried almost the whole way. One of them vomited and urinated in her box during almost every trip west, and never made a peep when we were headed east to the country home. Hmmm. They were making their desires very clear.

It then took me 3 years to calm down and to change my driving to a more peaceful style. At first, I thought that I had to make everything happen, and then I realized that The Slow Guy Always Wins on the One Lane Highway and wrote that book about Ho'oponopono. This was when I started to meditate and learned how to let go of my desire to control my life. As soon as I did that, the frustrating drivers disappeared and the road in front of me cleared.

Being positive does not mean that you ignore reality and aggressively believe in yourself. Being positive means ignoring any apparent negativity and letting go of any attachment to winning. Being positive is more of a decision to be the best human being you can be and trusting that the Universe/Source/Divinity/God is doing its part.

It has taken me another few years to change vibrational frequency but I was attached to quite a bit of stuff that I had to let go. I have discovered that when you are being positive, you expect people to be generous and funny and they meet your expectations. When you are being positive, the mortgage company calls to lower your mortgage. (Truth.) The credit card companies call with deals. (Truth.) The old car that is driving 2,000 miles a week is absolutely dependable when you are positive.

When you are being positive, job interviews become fun. You enjoy being with the interviewer and you trust that your answers will be inspired. I have even had some unexpected remote viewing at interviews and known what the interviewer was going to say before she asked her question. And you realize that you are answering almost every question at a conference and spontaneously asking questions yourself without being a bother to the speaker. When you are being positive, you forget to be shy or hesitant or careful. You are able to live in the moment and to enjoy life.