How Does Opera Mini Work on PC?

Published By SEO John, 15 Dec 2022

Using an ad blocker is a great way to keep track of your online activities and not be surprised by pop-ups. There are also a variety of tools and themes that you can install on your browser. For example, you can add a video pop-out feature, speed dial, and moreĀ

Speed dial

Getting to your favorite sites is easier and faster with Opera Mini's Speed Dial feature. It replaces the home page with your frequently visited websites. It also lets you customize the look and feel of your browser's homepage.

A Speed Dial in Opera Mini is similar to a New Tab page in Google Chrome. It displays site logos and titles and allows you to customize the layout with themes and browser extensions.

It also includes a search box. The search bar is set up for Google by default. However, you can choose an alternative search engine by clicking Menu > Settings > Search.

You can also add a weather forecast to the Speed Dial tab. You can select a background that's big enough for your screen's resolution. You can use an image from your computer to serve as your background.

The Opera Speed Dial also gives you the option to create custom themes for the Speed Dial page. This includes a "Choose file" button that lets you customize the background of the Speed Dial tab. You can also alter the number of columns on the Speed Dial page. A higher number may require you to press Ctrl + - to zoom in.

The Opera mini's speed dial features have some interesting options. In particular, it's possible to create multiple start pages. You can also group entries into folders. You can choose to remove unwanted entries.

Another cool feature of the Opera Mini is its ability to show you a weather forecast in your speed dial. This can be a useful function especially if you like to check the weather before you go out.

The Opera Mini has a few more features to boast of. It also has a built-in ad blocker, battery saver, and free vpn. You can install a few add-ons from the Opera add-ons website. It's a good idea to use the Workspaces feature. It will make your browser work faster and better.

The Opera Mini's Speed Dial is not only a great way to get to your favorite websites, but also to save space. You can even share it on social media.

ad blocker

Earlier this year, Opera Mini for Android introduced a new feature, a built-in ad blocker. In addition to speeding up browsing and using less mobile data, the ad blocker can also help users improve their security and privacy.

The Internet Advertising Bureau announced a new program in October that aims to encourage web publishers to adopt ad blocking technologies. Its LEAN initiative is designed to reduce the number of ads displayed to users. The ad blocker is designed to block ads on websites, and can be disabled on certain websites. It can also be paused on some websites.

The Opera Mini ad blocker isn't on by default, but can be turned on or off by the user. The feature is located in the browser's settings. Once enabled, users can choose to block acceptable ads, or to block all ads. The blocker removes ads that are annoying or malicious, and can help improve the security of your phone. The browser also includes an always-on compression technology.

The ad blocker can be accessed in the settings by clicking the blue shield icon on the address bar. Once it's turned on, you can view the amount of ads that have been blocked. In the "O" menu, you can also check the total number of ads that have been blocked. You can also add sites to the list of exceptions.

If you're an Opera Mini user, you might be wondering if the ad blocker is really worth it. The company says that it helps the user save up to 14 percent of their mobile data, while still enjoying the same experience as usual. However, Opera is likely to add the feature to other versions of its browser. Ultimately, it's a peace of mind feature that users are bound to appreciate.

In addition to the ad blocker, Opera Mini features a free VPN service. It routes your data through a remote server. This protects your privacy when using public Wi-Fi. You can even block the source of some tracking cookies with the ad blocker.

If you have trouble using the ad blocker, try resetting your browser. This can clear up any conflicts that may have occurred. If you still have problems, you can also try an alternative browser.

video pop-out tool

During the past few years, Opera Software released a tool that lets you watch videos in a small window. This is a useful feature for people who like to watch movies, or videos from other websites. It works with most of the streaming services, including YouTube and Netflix.

The feature is particularly helpful for multitasking people. Instead of having to click to another tab, users can have a pop out window that stays in the foreground and continues playing while they work. It can also be used to watch a video while chatting with friends.

In order to enable the pop out video feature, users need to go to Settings and scroll down to Video pop out. The option can be toggled on or off, and can also be repositioned. A transparent version of the pop-out player can also be toggled on.

You can also pin the Floating Player extension to your toolbar so you can easily watch videos in the pop out window. This feature is especially useful for those who like to chat while watching a video. It is also optimized for use on YouTube.

You can also access the playback controls by clicking on the expansion button. This will allow you to move the playback button, change the shortcut control, and change the position. This will make it easier to watch videos on any streaming service. You can also change the size of the popped out video window.

If you are unable to see the video pop out feature, it is likely a problem with the installed extension. You can check for updated versions or reinstall Opera to solve the issue.

The latest version of Opera has a picture-in-picture feature that allows users to watch videos while working. This is a good option for people who like to watch videos while chatting, and is also a good way to take notes during online calls.

Opera also has an automatic video pop-out feature. This means that any time you switch tabs, the video will automatically pop out. The pop-out feature is a great tool for people who want to watch videos while they surf the internet.


Using Opera mini PC themes is a simple process that you can manage easily. You can download and install multiple Opera themes and use them to enhance the appearance of your browser. You can also customize your browser's fonts and wallpaper. You can get more themes by downloading them from the Opera repository.

Before you begin, you need to have the latest version of Opera installed on your computer. You can find the Opera browser in the Start menu on Windows or Mac. It is also available on Android.

The Opera browser allows you to change the display mode of your browser from light to dark. You can choose the option from the menu, the "Start page customization" icon in the top right corner of the screen, or the settings menu. You can schedule the night theme to run from sunrise to sunset.

You can also choose the type of theme you want from the dropdown list in the "Themes" section. There are two default themes, dark and light, and you can select any of them. To activate the dark theme, you need to first set the "Default" flag to D. You can then click the "Enable Dark Theme" button to turn it on. You can also choose to switch back to the light theme if you are not satisfied with the dark theme.

Opera is a web application that runs on Google Chrome. It's a versatile browser with a wealth of features. One of the most popular features is its dark mode, which is a great way to conserve battery power on LED displays. The dark mode is also easy on your eyes, and is ideal for dimly lit environments.

You can customize your web pages and fonts by changing the color of the browser's interface. You can even choose to make your keyboard darker. There are a number of quick view options that let you switch tabs, highlight links, and more.

The Opera browser is not free, but it does offer a rich web browsing experience. It's always evolving and developing, and you can take advantage of the new features it brings to your desktop.