Marloan Kettle

Charted Accountant


A highly successful Charted Accountant with excellent knowledge of financial reporting and accounting posseses 3 year experience.
Expert in covering all aspects from start up business, to financial management and company closures.

Proven ability in professional judgement dealing with the disclosure of information in financial reporting.
Proficient in computation corporate, indivisual and taxes, corporate organizations, surplus distribution and cross boundary analysis etc.
Highly skilled in researching issues and finding solution and best alternatives to tax issues.

Easy going nature and able to coordinate with all departments.



Accounts Management

Corporate Finance

Cost Accounting


Key Accounts Management


Accounts Studio

Industry: Accounting / Audit / Taxation

Prepare corporate and personal tax returns.
Manage federal and provincial, tax audits and prepare notices of objection.
Negotiate and secure many positive outcomes from many federal and provincial tax authorities on behalf of clients.
Deals with various types of withholding tax issues involving customized software agreements.
Calculate individual and corporate tax installments payments.
Ensure timely completion of returns and any related elections or designations.
Review issues involving the tax conventions and other treaties.
Train the new recruiters and make them understand about the work.
Strong analytical and logical skills.
Excellent knowledge of business laws.
Remarkable patience and skillful in handling the cases.
Excellent communication skills in written and verbal both.
Proficient in Basic use of computer.
Proficient in using of accounting software.
Internet savvy
Received INR 5 lakh tax refund for ABC Company by analyzing a tax saving oppourtunity.
Successfully planned and dealt with the income and capital taxes for various segments of company ASD.
Recognized by the company owner and CEO foe outstanding work performance and diligence.


Industry: Accounting / Audit / Taxation

Audited the accounting books of over 10 clients within the city and outside the city
Graphed the data and calculated the beta coefficients to study the trend of the market
Analyzed the historical prices of 15 companies using Data Analytics tools to forecast investors' behavior
Awarded 'Best Academic Project' with the most accurate estimates and predictions



Pittsburgh University



Pittsburgh University




Certification Authority: IACI

License Number: O#9865


Certification Authority: AOP

License Number: #SMS2009



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