Why Walk-in Bathtubs Are A Popular Bathroom Conversion

Published By John Hrq, 22 Aug 2017

Why Walk-in Bathtubs Are A Popular Bathroom Conversion

When your household has seniors or people with mobility problems, walk-in bathtubs is a good idea. Studies show that most accidents and falls occur in bathrooms than in any other portion of the house. Over and above, the Center for Disease Control has revealed that more than two thirds of the falls inside the bathrooms happen near the tub or shower. Accidents usually happen when you attempt to step over your tub wall or slip on a wet floor. It can also happen if you try to lean on a glass door that cannot support your weight. Bathroom injuries are most common in seniors since they have poor eyesight and lack balance. Given this safety hazards in bathrooms, you still have good news. Walk-in bathtubs of our times come with enough safety measures to avoid slips and falls while bathing. Here are the top reasons why many households go for San Antonio walk-in bathtubs.

Top advantages of walk-in bathtubs
? Walk-in bathtubs come with several safety aspects like easy entry and exit features, handles and grab bars, low step in, anti-slip surface, easily accessible water controls and others making bath a hassle-free experience even for people with lesser mobility.

? A warm and relaxing bath in a walk-in bathtub can relive your pains, stresses, fatigue and stress giving you a feeling of a refreshed state.

? You can also go for therapeutic walk-in bathtubs. For instance, the dual hydrotherapy systems can help enhance the mobility, alleviate pains and boost up your energy levels besides improving sleep. When you bath in a safer place, you can enjoy that much needed independence and stay in your beloved home for long hours.

? You can choose to fit some advanced features like soaking tub features, massaging water jets and some interesting spa features in your walk-in bathtub to enhance the comfort levels.

? You can also go for a walk-in shower and tub combo to enjoy the advantages of a soaker walk-in tub without having to compromise with the conveniences provided by the shower. This combo gives you easily accessible controls, massaging water jets and a shower wand. The personal hygiene bidet is an added advantage. These interesting and highly useful therapeutic features can improve the quality of your daily life.

Smart investments
Bathing is a daily phenomenon and you need to enjoy it to the core to feel refreshed before or after a day’s work. Every member in the household makes use of the bathroom more than any other segment of the home and therefore investing in making the bathroom trendy and convenient is the right choice in the lines of enhancing the happiness and comfort of the family. Walk-in tub combines in it the advantages of different kinds of bathrooms letting you get the maximum out of your investment. The plethora of ways in which you can customize your walk-in shower lets you enjoy the flexibility and luxury of turning your bathroom in to a multi-faceted facility in your home. Also never hesitate to benefit from the advice and support of accomplished bathroom remodeling companies so that you get trendy walk-in bathtubs at the best prices.

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