Why Naruto Still Inspires Long-Time Anime Fans

Published By Danny Kanfy, 13 Oct 2017

Why Naruto Still Inspires Long-Time Anime Fans

The first Naruto story was written and illustrated by awesome Japanese artist Masahi Kishimoto back in 1995. That single manga story was picked up by one of the bigger book and video game publishers in Japan, which eventually launched it into a television series. Kishimoto would continue to be the creative influence behind Naruto until 2014. By that time there were video series, television shows, and video games that featured the Naruto characters.

The ongoing fame of Naruto made it the third highest selling manga series in history. Its popularity is shared across cultures, and fans can buy a Naruto t-shirt online in nearly any country around the world. Today, Naruto Shippuden, the sequel to the original Naruto, eclipses the original in terms of popularity and interest from younger anime fans. What does Naruto’s popularity tell us about anime and what inspires anime fans?

Naruto is Built on Characters
It is easy to become attached to the Naruto series because the characters are easy to love. Illustrator Kishimoto didn’t just create a face and figure for his characters, but an entire personality and background. In fact, character development was a major focus of the entire series.

The major characters in the series are given serious time and attention in terms of their personality traits and backstory. As the story progresses, more details of these characters are revealed, giving the reader more reason to feel attached. Plus, the backstories that lead each Naruto character to their place in the anime series is painful and problematic. This makes it easier to relate to the Naruto characters.

Even the villains in Naruto have a backstory. The creator gives insight into the antagonists’ reasons for being the bad guy, which helps readers understand and access these characters. There is a motivation behind their evil acts. While few people would cheer for the antagonists in the Naruto series, their purpose is clearly explained within the story.

The Stories Impart Clear Messages
Often, comic books and superhero stories are a premise to tell deeper, more meaningful life lessons. Anime and manga stories from Japan aren’t any different. While the Naruto series tells of an ongoing battle between protagonists and antagonists, intertwined in the epic battles and character development are important life lessons. This is a reason to share Naruto with family members and friends of all ages.

Naruto Is Great Storytelling
The Naruto series isn’t just images and words on paper. Over the course of the series a definite and interesting story unfolds. Within this story, a reader finds turning points, mysteries, unanswered questions, conclusions, and witticisms. All of these elements are necessary to make a great story, and by focusing on the advancement of characters and plot, as much as the drawings, Kishimoto is able to create an anime world that is incredibly interesting.

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