Why is pizza among the most loved foods in the world?

Published By All Hungry, 29 Jul 2021

Why is pizza among the most loved foods in the world?

Pizza is originally Italian food, but its popularity across the world makes it an international food and you will find pizza food in every corner of the world. Grabbing a slice of pizza gives the feeling of ultimate happiness. The value of pizza increases in groups of family and friends when everyone fights over the last slice. 


However, we all know that pizza is quite a famous dish and among the top list of most favorite foods in the world. But have you ever wondered why pizza receives so much love from every corner of the world? In the USA alone, almost 50% of people eat pizza at least once a week. 

We all love pizza and want to grab it all. The reason behind the unique taste of pizza is its unique combination of tasty and delicious ingredients and the process of its cooking. The crispy base with cheesy texture and toppings make it a favorite of every person. 


Pizza is fatty, sweet, complex, and rich. That unique combination is loved by everyone. Cheese is fatty,  tomatoes, cheese, pepperoni, olives, and mushroom toppings are packed with glutamate.  The sauce is sweet and the meat tends to be rich and complex. After cooking the pizza in a microwave, we get a crispy and brown texture of pizza that is very yummy and delicious in taste. 


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