Why Catering Is Important at a Morning Meeting

Published By Hanna Kogan, 18 Oct 2017

Why Catering Is Important at a Morning Meeting

For many employees, an early morning meeting is much more of a burden than it is a benefit. There are a number of reasons that people hate reporting to work, only to be ushered into a conference room at the start of their day. The lack of time to prepare for the discussion or conversation in a morning meeting and the set timeframe it imposes at the start of the work day both contribute to the general unpopularity of morning meetings.

However, from a business perspective, having an early morning meeting can be very productive. Morning meetings help teams determine what is most important for the upcoming day and set priorities. These meetings can also tackle difficult decisions that employees may otherwise choose to avoid or put off until very late in the day. Plus, they set the tone for the rest of the work day.

If your company has decided that early morning meetings are as productive and efficient as research says they are, then start looking for “breakfast catering near me ,” as food is the perfect incentive to get employees in the door on time and ready to work. Here’s why:

Most People Skip Breakfast Before the Office
From planning a commute to dropping the kids off at school, often the few precious hours before the start of a work day are fast-paced and furious for employees with families. Even employees who don’t have kids find that they are often rushing to work. What is missing from the hustle and bustle at the start of each workday? Breakfast, of course!

When employees walk in the door for an early morning meeting, they would much rather be heading to the staff kitchen or down the street for a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich. By providing some morning staples, such as tea, coffee, and a healthy fruit salad, at a morning meeting, people are more likely to be engaged with what comes after. Engagement means a big boost to discussion, decisions, and the overall productivity of your morning meeting.

Let’s Face It: Food Is an Incentive
If there is any situation or circumstance where an individual doesn’t want to complete a specific task or go to an appointment, food is a great incentive. Eating is enjoyable, and when you add quality food to the schedule of your morning meeting, it is a big incentive for people to show up. Slipping attendance, no shows, and late arrivals are all problems with early morning meetings, which makes them the perfect event to incentivize with food options.

Food Helps Your Employees Kick Start Their Day
It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it introduces the day’s first calories into your system, but it is also the most frequently missed meal. As we said earlier, mornings are often hectic and an activity that is tempting to eliminate is eating breakfast. Therefore, employees often arrive at work without having eaten at all. Regardless of whether you are hosting a morning meeting or not, employees skipping breakfast is bad for the business and the wellness of individual employees. Providing a healthy and easy to find breakfast could actually make a huge difference to the health of your employees. Plus, passing out what equates to free brainpower is good for your company’s success.

Where to Find Healthy Catering
You may have started out wanting to know where to find “breakfast catering near me,” but there is actually more to it than just simple search. If you are going to provide employees with a great start to their day and encourage attendance at morning meetings, you should be giving them healthy options!

At Waterfront Gourmet, not only do we bring in breakfast must-haves such as coffee and breakfast sandwiches, but we ensure our catering menu is filled with healthy options and natural foods. We understand that it is essential to give your employees a great start to the day. You can find out more about our catering hours and selection on our website.

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