Why Android Instant Apps Are The Latest Buzz In App World?

Published By Techugo Pvt Ltd, 19 Jul 2018

Why Android Instant Apps Are The Latest Buzz In App World?
Google I/O has announced the ‘Instant Apps’, which is going to change the face of app development thoroughly. The very concept of instant apps has sparked a wire in the mind in the users.

A very conventional approach of Android apps is going to be broken by the android instant apps, but anyhow these apps are not going to replace the traditional apps and its tools.

So the breaking news is that Android Instant Apps are not going to replace the full-fledged apps at all.

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ü  Android instant apps are the light-weight versions of their native counterparts.

ü  These apps would offer the similar experiences as native apps and would consume the less space on the users’ device.

ü  Any apps can be accessed from anywhere including the social media, messaging, search and other links, sans the app, installs.

ü  It lets the users experience immersive and the engaging facets of the Android mobile apps without installing them on the device.

ü  Instant apps can be accessed on all the latest Android devices and would even be updated on the devices back to Jelly Bean technology.

ü  On the other hand, e-commerce apps’ users can make the immediate access to make a purchase through the instant access to Android Pay.

Hence, Android Instant apps would be upgrading the existing Android app to the new level. Android Instant Apps indeed are very beneficial for the users and would make the app actions easier and quicker for the users.

As a leading Android Application Development Company you must integrate the Android Instant Apps in your app’s process and would change the way app users use their devices and Instant apps s a great idea to transform the apps for users without installing them.