Why and how to use Fashion SEO

Published By Dan Kogan, 25 Sep 2017

Why and how to use Fashion SEO

Brands today exhaust a lot of ways promoting material to boost their online presence. However, one of the best ways to do this is to optimize content using search engine guidelines in order to have an organically optimized ranking. Forrester released a study in 2006, saying that 93% of traffic on a brand’s website comes from search engines. With the competition of online fashion stores, the main goal for fashion brands is to be able to improve their visibility on Google or other search engines. So, it is suggested that fashion brands invest in Fashion SEO services to gain a competitive advantage.

A majority of traffic to a website usually comes from organic searches. These type of traffic utilizes the keywords consumers put into search engines, which determine the sites that show up. This is why fashion SEO plays a big role in order to build a higher return of investment. News and updates about fashion content are being searched for every day. From asking questions like “what colors go best with grey jeans?”, to ‘“what are 2017’s fall colors?”, and even reviews on fashion styles to decide what to buy. Search engines pretty much answer all of these questions, and people love to use them as their main resource, especially when it comes to fashion.

The rise and fall of fashion trends have become part of culture for some people. If a fashion store wants to optimize its website in order to give it a web presence, it will have to edit its content as well as code it specifically to both increase the relevance of specific keywords and to remove any possible barriers for the indexing activities of search engines. It is important to consider fashion’s relevant issues to build a brand or a company. The base is important here too, which means having a good fashion website to build on. A great website for viewers is the best foundation. Many visitors will come to your website through searches. This means you simply need content that links to your website. The more bridges you build the better. Links with brand anchor text are important if you want your business to be recognized by search engines as a brand. Fashion directories, for example, are a good way to build bridges and tunnels to your website.

This makes search engine optimization key for your fashion website. Some online fashion stores tend to use complicated or forgettable keywords or you might find generic keywords like ‘floral print cozy overall’ added to the product page. Sometimes, this is not the best tactic to use, since visitors will search for items by product names when browsing your site. Just make sure to keep your keywords simple, and use actual product names rather than generic descriptions. The best example would be when your meta title includes the product name as well. Making meta titles unique can ensure that your products stand out from others in search results, and makes sure the clicks you receive are relevant to that product and more likely to convert. Don’t forget, an internal search functionality is essential on fashion eCommerce websites.

If your visitor is looking for a particular product, the search functionality will make it much easier and more convenient for them to shop. You also need to pay attention to your content on your category page.Startup and small fashion eCommerce websites especially, should ensure to have a good content on their page. This is what 1Digital Agency is good at! That is what they do day in and day out. If you want to learn more about them, visit their website.

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