Where to Place LED Lights on Your Emergency Vehicle

Published By Justin Tomney, 13 Oct 2017

While Led Emergency Lights are most often associated with the flashing blue and red lights of an oncoming police vehicle, there are actually a number of uses for these noticeable and highly effective vehicle lights. In fact, every responsible, modern emergency vehicle should have LED lights placed in multiple locations to ensure that other drivers and pedestrians are fully aware of the vehicle’s presence and purpose. Here are a few important facts about LED lights and their placement on any emergency vehicle:
LED Lights Make Great Headlights
Over the years, LED lights have become popular not just as LED emergency lights, but for use on any type of car, truck or SUV. Where are LED lights most commonly found? As vehicle headlights, of course. LED lights provide more brilliance and brightness than old incandescent light bulbs. This means your drivers and operators have better vision when on the road at night. This includes seeing pedestrians, animals, or other obstructions before it is too late. However, the light emitted by LED bulbs isn’t overly disruptive to oncoming drivers, since it is much easier to direct the light beams of LED bulbs.

Using LED headlights is about keeping your employees safe and providing better road safety for all civilians out on the road. Therefore, LED lights have quickly become a choice light in many emergency and non-emergency vehicles. If your squad cars, ambulances, or other emergency vehicles haven’t made the switch to better LED bulbs, it is time to do so.

LED Lights Can provide Safety for Construction Workers

Another important use for LED emergency lights is on the front and side of construction vehicles. When placed in visible locations on construction trucks and vans, these lights give drivers plenty of warning to the vehicle’s presence. This is a necessity when a construction vehicle is stopped on the side of the road or in a construction zone. Many LED lights can even be seen during the daylight.

Why is it necessary to place LED lights on the sides and back of a construction vehicle? It is impossible to know every construction site or roadside project ahead of time. This means your vehicles could be parked in an area or location where visibility to the front of the construction truck or van is impaired.  You still need to provide oncoming cars with warning of the vehicle’s, and your employees’, presence, however. Lights on the side and back of the vehicle can be effective where front-facing lighting is not.

In addition, lighting on the side of your vehicle is a better indication of the truck’s size. In many instances a construction truck is wider or larger than other cars out on the road and a driver may incorrectly gauge the vehicle’s size if only relying on front-mounted lights. However, proper lighting can prevent this serious mistake.

Application for Other Non-Emergency Vehicles

Another industry that greatly benefits from LED emergency lights placed around the vehicle are companies that provide utility services. Often, gas, electric, and cable providers are required to handle repairs or maintenance along a busy street or congested area. This creates a significant danger to employees and repairmen that is substantially decreased through the use of LED lights.

There are a number of LED lights that will flash, rotate or otherwise attract additional attention from passing cars. Applying these lights to the grill, sides, and rear of a utility vehicle is the best way to give warning of roadside work and employees who may be outside the van. It is an easy and quick solution to a major problem for utility employees.

Purchasing LED Lights

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