What to Know When You Buy Batman Printed T-shirts

Published By Danny Kanfy, 8 Nov 2017

If you’re planning to buy Batman printed t-shirts as a gift for a family member or a friend, you might need a little help knowing exactly what kind of shirt to get, especially if you don’t know comics all that well yourself. Batman has one of the most influential and historic legacies of all comic book heroes, and as a result, the styles of shirts, depictions of characters, and events shown vary greatly. When you go to buy Batman printed t-shirts, you’ll choose much better if you know a bit about Batman yourself.

Batman’s first comic appearance was in “Detective Comics #27,” which was released in early 1939. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger at DC comics, Batman helped, alongside other DC heroes like Superman, usher in an age of comic book popularity that was known as the Golden Age of Comics. This is the Batman era to pay attention to if the loved one or friend that you are hoping to buy a gift for is a fan of classic comics. Shirts based on original Golden Age Batman art are iconic, inspiring, and display an appreciation for the roots of comic books’ greatness as an art form.

Batman has since gone through many variations. Silver Age and Bronze Age Batman are very different even from modern iterations of Batman. Silver Age and Bronze Age Batman iterations tend to be more serious than their Golden Age versions, but still much more comical than modern interpretations. You can even buy Batman printed t-shirts that feature the movie versions of Batman instead of the comic ones. It’s important then, when buying a gift, to be familiar with the many iterations of Batman even beyond his comic book appearances.

In the last thirty years alone, Batman has been interpreted on film more than five times by various directors. The most recent iteration, for example, was directed by Zack Snyder with Ben Affleck acting as Batman. Just before this version, director Christopher Nolan cast Christian Bale as Batman in an award-winning cinematic interpretation in a very different style than Zack Snyder’s. Nolan’s Batman is emotional, dark, and faces twisted villains with dark pasts, while Snyder’s Batman is influenced heavily by sci-fi stylization and action movie fight scenes.

Choosing a shirt comes down to comparing the characteristics of each iteration of Batman with your loved one’s preferences. If your loved one is a collector with a great appreciation for the history of comic books, you should consider buying Golden Age Batman shirts. If your friend or loved one enjoys heavier, more introspective tones in art, consider choosing shirts from the Nolan interpretations of the movies.

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