What to do if NetZero email is not working

Published By Harry Evans, 26 Sep 2017

What to do if NetZero email is not working
NetZero offers a variety of administrations, including DSL, Wireless Services, VPN administrations, dial-up Internet access, and email administration. NetZero holds the right, to roll out improvement measures to the NetZero Services, including its charges and charging techniques and the span of time a client may utilize NetZero Services for free or for a predefined expense. NetZero holds the privilege to restrain and confine services for its users if there is any third party or the outsider administration along with the Netzero services. NetZero also holds the privilege to change services for their customers according to their choice anytime.

Steps to resolve the common issues in Netzero email services:-

Sometimes while using Net zero email services you may come across several technical issues like maybe someday you have an issue that your Netzero email is not working then you need not to worry you can contact the Netzero technical support for assistance regarding your issue.solutions to many problems are easy and can be managed by yourself but for some technical issues you need expert technical support.

Net zero has a provision to assist the client issues through emails also for that you need to follow certain steps:-

1.you have to visit the official contact us website of Net zero

2.you need to now fill in your name along with the last name.

3.next you have to enter your existing email address because the response will be sent to that email only.

4.Then you have to confirm your email address.

5.Then you have to choose “technical support” under the option reason to contact.

6.now you have to enter the information about the product or the area of issue.

7.Then you have to write your query question.

8. then the error message if you have received any.

9.then enter the operating system

10.Next will be options which you need to fill if you are applicable.accordingly you can fill those and then click on “submit”.