What Swimming Pool Supplies Do You Need?

Published By Delrancho Pools, 26 Sep 2017

What Swimming Pool Supplies Do You Need?

There are several staples of the American Dream; a nice house, a nice car and a nice family. With that being said, possibly the most telling sign that you’re doing well for yourself is a pool in your backyard. Everyone has that dream and everyone wants that pool, but most don’t know the details that come with it. Swimming pools take a lot of effort to maintain properly and trying to keeping up with the work can be a real hassle. What’s more, most don’t even know what supplies are actually needed to properly maintain their pools. Yet, with the right supplies and a little bit of effort, you can keep your swimming pool looking beautiful. After a detailed look at this list, you can have the best-looking pool on the block!

• A Good Pool Pump and Filter

Most people overlook the sheer importance of pool pumps and filters, but they are vital to keeping your pool clean. They work by filtering and cycling through the pool water, preventing unwanted dirt and algae. Now, even though most people think of good pumps and filters only being a necessity when it comes to in-ground pools, even the above ground pools purchased at a local retailer need the best filter and pump.

• Chemicals

Chemicals are the polish needed to keep your pool looking nice and clean with an added benefit; they also help keep nasty bacteria from building up. Chlorine (which is the most commonly thought of chemicals), shock, PH adjusters, bromine, algaecides, and alkalinity adjusters are all chemicals that pools may need. Simply by calling a local pool supplier out to your home, you can test the water and be informed of which chemicals in what quantity are necessary.

• A Pool Cover        

Pool covers are one of the simplest ways to keep dirt and leaves out of your pool. Almost all pool supplies stores provide pool covers. Also, if you’re looking to extend the time in which you can have pool parties, solar covers are a good option. They work by keeping the water warm (or less cold at least) in addition to clean.

• Other Supplies

Nobody likes a dirty pool and it’s the one thing that’ll keep your friends and neighbors away from your outdoor events. For an inexpensive option, pool skimmers are a great tool that you can manually use to remove the unwanted debris and bugs from your pool. For those who want less work for themselves, there are automatic pool cleaners that vacuum the debris from pool and can keep your pool looking great for no effort on your part.

All the supplies listed above as well as pool heaters, pool timers, and salt systems are all available at most pool supplies stores. As you may have learned (or perhaps already know), having a pool can be a symbol of luxury; but it’s not enough. Maintaining the pool using the proper supplies is just as important because if a pool looks too bad to swim in then what’s the point?

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