What is Session Replay?

Published By Etoileinfo Solutions, 29 Mar 2018

What is Session Replay?

Session Replay is probably one of the most heard phrases in digital marketing and probably the most used technique to understand the user buying pattern.

Over the years the definition of Session Replay has also evolved with more elaborate meaning and the solutions even more in depth. "Session Replay is the practice to replay a user's browsing session or journey on a website or within a web application. This replay helps marketers and SEO experts to visualize the user's view which is browser or screen output, user output which refers to keyboard or mouse moments and the log of network events or console logs. The main purpose behind running session replays is to help improve customer experience and minimize hindrances in conversion process on websites. This can also be used to evaluate website usability and customer behavior, as well as the handling customer service queries as the full customer website journey along with all the interactions can be replayed."

The more common online metrics- the experience of users and customers are often concealed with a black cover. Even the most powerful web analytics tools like Google Analytics only discloses simple, fundamental metrics like clicks, bounce rates, and time on page. These metrics fail to put forth the important parameters of human behavior. Yet these are the parameters that help developers reproduce bugs, designers, coders & developers understand and improve user experience, customer support personnel to step into the picture and help customers in need and marketers dictate compelling and gripping product/service stories. In a nutshell, session replays provide the nuance of empathy to the various teams responsible for running a website.

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