What Is Handmade Twig Jewelry, and Why Is It Special?

Published By John Hrq, 13 Nov 2017

Handmade Twig Jewelry is a new contender in the growing world of nature-inspired, custom jewelry. While trends such as raw gemstone jewelry have been around for some time, twig jewelry is quite new and adds an amazing twist to nature-inspired jewelry styles. This article will explain some of the most wonderful things about handmade twig jewelry and will help you understand what sets it apart from all other types of jewelry.

Twig jewelry is jewelry that is comprised of a real twig from a chosen type of tree, cast in a precious metal of your choice. The resulting creation serves to immortalize a small piece of nature for you to carry with you wherever your journeys take you. Handmade twig jewelry adds an additional layer of symbolism above and beyond traditional jewelry, by allowing the core of your piece to have a meaning that works in tandem with the exterior metal. In combination with a well-set gemstone, a twig ring, for example, could communicate profound meaning in a way that a traditional band could not.

Twig jewelry, by its very nature, communicates a love and appreciation of nature, as well as an appreciation for the beautiful unlawfulness of nature. Twig rings are not perfectly symmetrical or comprised of straight lines. Much like life, they are unpredictable and full of unexpected, but wonderful, turns and twists. Depending on your choice of twig, however, you are able to place significant further meaning onto your wonderful jewelry. Choosing a yew twig, for example, which has historically stood for transcendence, life, death, and rebirth, can communicate a deep appreciation for the value of life and the incredible hope of rebirth, making a gold-coated yew ring a perfect creation for a personal piece of symbolic motivation.

Twig jewelry is often inset with uncut, natural diamonds. These diamonds are polished to a crystal clarity so that the natural shape of their formation is visible. Wrapped carefully in the gentle grasp of a twig ring, for example, a natural diamond only enhances the wild, unfettered look of handmade twig jewelry. In the same way, characteristics of raw gemstone jewelry can be mixed with that of twig jewelry, creating a wonderful fusion piece featuring the best of both worlds: a raw gemstone and a precious metal-cast twig.

In addition to being able to choose your own twig type, you can also have your twig jewelry cast in a great number of precious metals. Yellow, rose, and white gold, platinum, palladium, and silver are all possibilities for creating the piece that says precisely what you want it to. Want something that speaks to the depth and soul of the ocean? Choose a birch twig cast in clean platinum, inset with a raw sapphire to evoke the incredible beauty of the sea in the minds of all who see your wonderful piece of jewelry.

Traditional jewelry is often far too limited to properly communicate the values of someone who places great importance on natural beauty. Additionally, traditional jewelers rarely offer the kind of unpredictability and individuality of design that is present in twig pieces, simply because so many jewelers focus on replicating iconic designs of the past. Clean-cut, austere designs are simply not for everyone, and twig jewelry provides an alternative that is not only incredibly attractive, but personalized and one of a kind.

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