What Homeowners Must Know About Vinyl Fences

Published By George Collins, 20 Sep 2017

What Homeowners Must Know About Vinyl Fences

If you are hunting for ideas to choose the right kind of fence for your home, then you must consult authentic sources to gather enough information on the topic. These days, fences come in different styles, types and materials. Fence maintenance is one of the crucial aspects in choosing the right fence. If you have installed a fence that requires a heavy maintenance, then you are going to lose your peace of mind having to worry about the fence every now and then. Talking of maintenance, vinyl fences seem to be the best option since they need very less maintenance. Here we discuss how to maintain the vinyl fences highlighting the reasons to choose them over the others.

It is very easy to check their stability
Irrespective of the type of fence you have installed, from time to time you must check you fence line. When it comes to vinyl fence, you must check it at least once a year. Rarely heavy rain, snow, wind or freeze and thaw can let your vinyl fence posts to become loose. When you come across an unsteady post, you just have to use a shovel to pack some mud around its base.

Cleaning your vinyl fence
When it comes to cleaning, vinyl fences are much easier to clean than the other type of fences. You can occasionally spray water on your vinyl fence with the help of garden hose. This process can help remove grass clippings, fertilizer chemicals and dirt and make it look new. You can use soap water to remove minor stains. For removing major stains, you must use a degreaser that is safe on plastics. You can also use a 10:1 water – bleach mixture.

Performance of vinyl fence under different weathers
Vinyl has a tendency to become less flexible in cold weather. However, it will not break unless it is subjected to extreme or unusual temperature impact. Changes in temperature will very commonly make the materials contract and expand which is true with vinyl too. The flexibility that vinyl has is a desirable quality making it an ideal choice for fence since due to its flexibility it will be able to maintain its shape and size. Your fence is usually made to withstand the regular changes in temperature and varying climates.

Weathering of the vinyl fences
Some people ask whether the color of the vinyl fences fade in course of time. The answer is yes. Like any other building material, vinyl is subjected to weather over time when exposed to sunlight. This is actually normal weathering.

Will the vinyl fences turn yellow or chalk?
Though it is not impossible for your vinyl fence to turn yellow over a period of time, this happens very gradually in a way not noticed prominently. Therefore this need not be a big concern. Chalking is a normal happening in any vinyl product. Such chalking can be removed by rainfall or spraying water through garden hose.

Maintaining the fence caps
Due to reasons connected to weather, the vinyl fence post caps can become loose over time. It is advisable to make use of plastic fencing glue to keep them back in place.

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