What Homeowners Must Consider While Implementing A Bathroom Shower Remodel

Published By John Hrq, 21 Sep 2017

What Homeowners Must Consider While Implementing A Bathroom Shower Remodel

To be successful, every project must follow a professional approach. When you wish to implement a trendy Walk In Shower Remodel in your home, you must always give a careful thought to some crucial aspects so that you get the desired outcome from your mission. Here are the key points to note in a bathroom remodel project.

Seize a corner
You can think of installing a walk in shower in a corner of the bathroom and also expand the area of shower by procuring a neo-angled base and glass enclosure that will step into the main area. Such neo-angled arrangement can help expand the square footage of the shower providing more room for the homeowner to install a built-in bench.

Focus on looks
The size of the bathroom can never limit your style definition. For instance, marble door frame and tiled interiors can add so much elegance to the bathroom. Some people go for charcoal walls. The visual impact you are able to create with the stunning use of creative features and fittings is going to speak about your designing capabilities.

Do away with the tub idea
If you prefer shower over bath, then it is prudent to forget about installing a tub. Instead, you can use what would have become the tub wall in a creative way to get in a spacious walk-in shower. If you can think of continuing the marble walls and tiled flooring of the bathroom into the shower, you can achieve a cohesive scene that will ensure the perception of a larger space.

Go for see-through walls
You can enclose a walk in shower with a seamless glass enclosure. The transparent barriers consume only little visual space and can let in enough light flow between the bathroom and shower. This will enable a smaller bathroom look larger. The space stretching illusion can be further enhanced by continuing the neutralized walls of the bathroom into the walk in shower.

Double them up
When you have premium amount of space inside the bathroom, you can also think of installing bathing and showering stations inside a single enclosure. For example, some property owners tuck in a small soaking tub inside the walk in shower to make the maximum use of the minimum floor space available.

Adjustment can rule designing
When you furnish your bathroom, go for downsized vanities or pedestal sinks in order to open up the space for installing the walk-in shower. The shower can also be framed by shallow walls that can help achieve niche like recesses in order to accommodate two vanities. You can also think of frosted glass door for the shower that can stop a few feet below the ceiling in order to provide privacy while not blocking the light.

Become creative
Until you fit in all the desired amenities you have wanted in the bathroom, you can rethink the question of the available space. For instance, you can think of tucking in a bathtub in between the windowed wall and a compact walk-in shower. A bath that stretches far beyond the shower can provide a full-out bathing experience.

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