What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wax Vaporizer?

Published By Benjamin Winterburn, 29 Sep 2017

What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wax Vaporizer?

Whether you are using wax, extract, concentrate, or shatter, you need a vaporizer that is going to give you the right control and mechanisms to get a powerful vapor. Not every portable or pen vaporizer on the market is designed for this purpose. In fact, it is best to buy a wax vaporizer that is specifically made for these materials. Otherwise, you could be left with a very lackluster vaping experience.

The good and bad news is that in 2017 there are an incredible number of wax vaporizers out there. Why is this good news? You have a lot of choice and can truly buy a vaporizer that fits your preferences. And the bad news, you want to know? Figuring out which wax vaporizer is the best one for you can be a little tricky, given all the options.

#1: Have the Right Conductor
One of the most important components if you are going to buy a wax vaporizer is the coil. Every wax and extract vaporizer is going to have an internal coil that heats the extract to a set temperature. This is how you turn that wax or concentrate into sweet vapor. There are two main types of coils in the best wax vaporizers - ceramic and quartz. Between these two materials there really isn’t a better or worse option, instead it is mostly about preference.

Ceramic is able to hold a high temperature without churning out carcinogens. While it might seem like a downside that ceramic takes its time heating up, it also holds heat longer than other materials and builds better flavor. If you have a bit of patience, ceramic is a great material for a savory vapor that really puts a shine on any wax or extract.

Quartz, on the other hand, is really quick to build heat. You can be using a quartz coil in no time, which is great for someone who is always rushing for their session. Seriously, a quartz coil can be at the right temperature in only a couple seconds. However, this coil isn’t going to hold heat for long, which could cut your session short. Although, another benefit might be the fact that quartz does not require the deep, lengthy inhales you need from a ceramic coil to get a good hit.

#2: You Control the Heat
It is important to note that not all waxes, concentrates and extracts are the same consistency, but wax vaporizers are supposedly designed to handle all of these products. A different consistency means a different ideal temperature for heating into vapor. But you shouldn’t have to use the exact same extract every time just to get a good burn. Instead, you can look to buy a wax vaporizer with different temperature settings.

Multiple temperature settings on a vaporizer also allows the user to adjust the heat simply based on a preferred burn. Some people prefer an intense, potent vapor that comes from a higher temperature, while others was a smooth and even release from the extract. However, you need to be able to avoid too high a heat when using waxes. If the device is too hot, it can release carcinogens along with the vapor.

Lastly, look for a vaporizer with precise temperature controls. Two settings might seem like enough, but consistency of an extract or wax isn’t the only thing that affects the heat inside a portable vaporizer. Altitude, surrounding temperature, and even humidity can affect what happens inside this compact device. Therefore, you want to buy a wax vaporizer that gives you plenty of options

#3: Pocket-size is Perfect Size
One of the biggest advantages of an extract or wax vaporizer is these devices are often designed for portability. True, a number of pen or pocket-size vaporizers are designed for e-liquid, but there is a whole subset made specifically for wax. Given that there is range of small size devices, that can still pack a big punch, you might as well give on a shot. Pocket-size is going to give you the freedom to take your wax vaporizer on the go and not be confined to a table-top contraption.

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