What are the services of an accounting firm?

Published By Excuss Logistics, 24 Nov 2017

What are the services of an accounting firm?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many caps, but one can reduce some load of recruitment of an accounting firm and allow more time to focus on core business strategies. Firms provide a wide range of services for more complex issues such as tax returns and audits than basic bookkeeping. One advantage of using an accounting firm is that the recruitment of an employee costs less services.


Services provided by an accounting firm:

·         NPO registration

·         Tax Advisory Services

·         Public Sector Accounting

·         Bookkeeping Accounting

·         Company Registrations

·         Sage Pastel Accounting

·         Payroll Services

·         Training Services

·         Asset Management

NPO Registration:

A non-profit organization is an organization created by a group of people to create a non-profit target. A non-profit organization is often dedicated to supporting a social cause or a particular perspective. Financially, a non-profit organization uses its surplus revenue to distribute its organization's shareholders (or its equivalent) rather than to distribute its surplus income in the form of profits or dividends, rather to achieve its purpose or mission.

How do you register a nonprofit organization?


8 Steps to register a Nonprofit Organization:

1.      Choose a business name.

2.      Include online or by phone with incorporate.com

3.      Apply for your IRS tax exemption.

4.      Apply for state tax exemption.

5.      Draft sub-rule

6.      Appointment Directors

7.      Hold board meeting

8.     Obtain necessary licenses and permits


Tax Consulting

Many accounting firms provide business advisory services, it is understood that they know your business environment, your tax status and your financial status. They use this knowledge with your business plan, evaluate your current work, identify new opportunities, warn you about changes in business or regulatory environment, and make your business more efficient and successful, providing practical advice in making. Accountants can help you understand the needs of tax consulting, insurance needs, how smart you can be, how to make your conduct intelligently, and how to make better financial decisions.


Apart from regular work, the accounting firm also advises customers on financial strategies. They can advise on how to reduce the tax burden of the client, or to review the business plan and to suggest ways to make recommendations. Some companies are experts in risk management, while others focus on managing financial investment. They also ensure that all customers have information about regulatory changes.


Tax service

We prefer to take proactive vs. responsive feedback for tax services. By keeping ourselves updated with the new tax laws, we are in a position to recognize the major tax planning possibilities which lower both the current and future tax liabilities. We provide our personal and business clients with expertise and knowledge of taxation, which are worth them throughout the year. Services offered include:


o   Tax Planning and Return Preparation

o   Individuals

o   Corporations

o   Participation

o   LLCs / LLP

o   Property, trusts and gifts

o   Non-profit Organizations

o   Representation of taxing authority

o   Divorce and Support Issues

o   Tax impact of buying / selling a business


Accounting services for small businesses

High-level accounting services are generally offered by the people employed by accounting organizations. These services often include helping customers prepare budgets, fix financial statements, and prepare local, state and federal tax returns. Accounting firms offer audit and business valuation services, monitor property devaluation and Help customers determine the requirements of cash flow. Some companies provide forensic accounting services for small businesses which are facing fraudulent issues. Others are experts in setting up computer accounting systems and auditing information systems.


It is a commitment from time to time to provide financial information to our customers more accurately, which we feel it, cannot be compromised. The systematic financial records assure you that your business can operate more efficiently. Our firm offers a full range of effective cost services including:


o   General Account and Financial Statement Preparation

o   Bookkeeping (Monthly / Quarterly / Annual)

o   Accounting system setup for new businesses

o   Computerized Payroll Services

o   Preparation of Trade Tax Return (Sales and Use / Commercial Property)

o   Personal financial statements

o   Litigation support


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