What Are The Main Elements Of A Residential Rental Lease Agreement?

Published By Carl Glendon, 14 Jun 2019

Leases may be overwhelming for potential residents, and it can be administratively tough for leasing agents and managers. These are, nonetheless, an important component of the rental procedure. It is important to know all the lease elements and realize the aim of those elements. Find out about some of the primary elements of a residential rental lease agreement.


This part includes the start date of the rental lease, the time of expiration of the lease as well as the terms in case residents do not vacate during the term. The rates often convert to a monthly amount at a higher rate. This part also describes the termination requirements, results in case the tenant has to terminate prematurely as well as other associated requirements.

Security Deposit Acknowledgment

A residential rental lease happens after a Residential Rental Inspection. The rental lease describes the security deposit amount that is being held as well as the requirements for deposit refund. It also mentions the legal rights of the lessor to the deposit amount as well as the disposition of interests that are earned over the security deposit. The security deposit amount usually does not draw any interest. The lease also mentions the requirement for deposit returning, and the time span for the same. For more information about getting a rental lease agreement, please visit this website.

Addendums and Special Clauses

The special clauses in a house rental agreement sample often consist of items such as pet addendums, loss of employment clauses, home buying clauses, military member rights, death clauses and substitute service items. Some of the other clauses comprise of casualties, fire, bankruptcy, subordination, assignment, exculpation, waivers, abandonment, repossession, re-entry rights, eviction, breakdown and repair, limitations, subleasing clauses, use clauses, condition of premises and more. Indemnification and arbitration might be included as well. These are important clauses, and need to be understood by the lessor as well as the lessee. Please visit this website for more info about legal documents free.

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