We Mean Safety With Our Belden Security and Alarm Cables

Published By Greg Anixter, 29 Aug 2017

We Mean Safety With Our Belden Security and Alarm Cables

Technology’s demands are constantly changing, depending on the needs of men. Every day, we make changes to our products figuring out how they could become more effective and efficient. Nowhere is the demand for uncompromising quality and leading-edge technology more critical than in the increasingly complex fields of security and alarm systems and audio/ visual applications. Together let’s change the boundaries of the cable technology.

Our company, the Electronic Wire and Cable Specialist (EWCS) provides customers/ consumers with the best collection of instrumentation and electronic cables. It provides a comprehensive section of the best fire alarm cables, security alarm cables, and other electronic cables. The national testing laboratory as required by the National Electronic Code (NEC) approves our cable products and they are made of the best and finest copper quality. They can also be provided either shielded or non-shielded to best fit your application.

Our Belden Security And Alarm Cables are equal in performance to Belden 9463 Blue Hose Cable, 20 AWG 1 Pair Stranded Tinned Copper Twin axial, Aluminum Foil Shield & Braided Tinned Copper Shield Blue PVC Jacket, Sunlight resistant and its Nominal Diameter is .238. Thus this provides robust interface needed for connecting programmable logic control (PLC) processors and other devices. Our products are also 100% made in the USA, which means they are the best products that were made with the highest manufacturing standards.

Belden Security and Alarm Cables, 20 AWG 1 Pair Stranded Tinned Copper Twin axial, it is a 20 American Wire Gauge (a wire with 0.812mm in diameter) stranded with one pair tinned copper in Twin axial or Twinax Cabling. (Twin Axial is a type of cables similar to coaxial cable, but with the two inner conductors instead of one.)

Belden Security and Alarm Cables have Aluminum Foil Shield Braided Tinned Copper Shield Blue PVC Jacket; the inner wires are covered with aluminum foil to assure the cables reliability. It is usually used to prevent radiation and signal loss to reduce line interferences but not as effective on electromagnetic interference. Aluminum foil shields are used as a tiny layer bonded with polyester film and a PVC jacket for tough inner-cable-protection. It is very low cost, making them a very attractive option to be used in cable wires. However, they are very fragile. Aluminum shielded wires are a good carrier of telecommunication signals.

Sunlight resistant, yes you read it! Our Belden Security and Alarm cables are sunlight resistant. According to the 1999 National Electrical Code (NEC) paragraph (d), Locations Exposed to Direct Sunlight: Insulated conductors and cables used where exposed to direct rays of the sun shall be of a type listed or marked “sunlight resistant.” Thus this means it meets the requirements of 720-hour carbon-arc or xenon arc exposure tests. This marking is used typically for products that are used outdoors.

Nominal Diameter is .238; the overall nominal diameter of the cable wire product is .238 inches.

Those are our edge-product-features. We are highly committed to giving the demand performance of our customers regarding cables products. Why choose EWCS electronic wire and cable specialist products? Unlike other Security and Alarm Cables, our Belden Security and Alarm Cables are constructed with 20 AWG 1 pair stranded tinned copper twin axial with aluminum foil shield and braided tinned copper shielded with blue PVC jacket and Sunlight resistant. Our product also passed the National Electronic Code requirement on cables and wirings. Contact us today to find out more!

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