Valued living - Positive Psychology Program

Published By MD RAKIBUL ISLAM, 12 May 2019

Valued living - Positive Psychology Program

Values are beliefs about what is important in life, such as honesty, fairness, and open-mindedness.

When values successfully guide an individual’s life and behavior, we call this ‘valued living’.

Values urge an individual to do what he is likely to perceive as meaningful in hindsight.

Conversely, not living in line with one’s values may result in a meaning crisis.

“I can’t believe I did that! That is not who I am!”, the individual exclaims. 

In this case, the actions of the individual were not an expression of who he wants to be, what he is oriented towards, and what matters to him in life. 

Valued living, however, can cause discomfort in that it requires you to reflect on yourself and your actions and evaluate whether they are in line with your values. This reflection may lead to painful realizations.

Valued living can also cause discomfort or even conflict with others because they might not hold the same values as you. Too often people choose to set their own values aside for the sake of conformity, obedience, or to maintain a nice atmosphere.

Because the world itself contains no objective values, you are ‘condemned’ to follow and choose your own. This means that in holding your values and acting in line with them, in this necessary processes of discrimination, of choosing one thing over another, you are taking risks. All the time. How can you be sure that the attitude you adopt based on your values is the right one? Surely one can’t always be right.

Meaningful living means living in line with your core values without regarding them as fixed.

Reflection: What are your most important values? Did you ever act in a way that opposed your values? How did this make you feel?