Understanding IVF Process in Georgia Step by Step

Published By ART Baby, 25 Sep 2017

Understanding IVF Process in Georgia Step by Step

It is quite frustrating and stressful women not get pregnant after so long. Every couple wants to be a parent and when they come to know that due to some complication they won’t be able to conceive a child it leads to frustration and heartbreak too. But surrogacy process has emerged as bliss for them. Surrogacy is an option for women to become a mother instead of complications and IVF process in Georgia and all over the world is one of the best options for those who want to conceive their own child.

IVF process includes fertilization of eggs and sperm outside the body. Though there are various myths about this process if treated carefully step by step this is an easy process. Many women become pregnant after IVF process in Georgia but there are also women who cannot conceive due to uterus issues or infertility in that case help of surrogate mother or egg donor is taken. IVF is a process where an embryo is injected to a woman through artificial insemination, either to a surrogate mother or to intended mother. Surrogate mother cost in Georgia varies; sometimes they carry other’s child with no monetary advantages.
Let us learn the process in deep about IVF process:

· The first stage is to reach you’re your doctor or clinics and if you are in Georgia you at a right place because it considered a hub for medical treatment for surrogacy and IVF process in Georgia takes place quite easily due to the availability of various IVF clinics. Before stating fertilization it is very important to have an idea about the whole process to be clear with your doctors about the whole process. Your doctor will check and make sure that ovaries are producing eggs and also whether your hormonal level is normal or not. For stimulation of ovaries fro eggs, women take fertility medicines as instructed by doctors because having several eggs for IVF process will increase your success rate to become pregnant.

· Next stage is monitoring follicular growth, doctors through ultrasound scans and blood test monitor the growth of egg whether they ready to be collected or not, after that a medication or injection is given to mature the eggs and after 36 hours egg retrieval procedure takes place.

· Egg retrieval is a very important step performed by trained doctors; a medication is given to a woman to reduce her pain. Eggs are retrieved through a thin needle, this process takes usually 30 minutes after collection of an egg-sperm sample is taken and both are used to fertilize eggs which result in embryos. Some time sperms injected directly into the egg. Afterword both are kept in the incubator to make sure a healthy embryo develops.

· The final task is the transfer of embryo in intended mother uterus through a plastic tube or in case intended mother have some complication, a surrogate is a woman carry other women child in her womb, the embryo is placed in a surrogate mother woman uterus.

· Surrogate is a women age 21 to 40 year; either voluntarily or with some advantage in exchange offers her womb and carries a child of another woman. Biologically and legally they do not have any relation to the child. It is a well-known fact that surrogacy in Georgia and IVF process in Georgia is very common and one can find numbers of the surrogate in Georgia. Surrogate mother cost in Georgia is also very less as compared to other countries.

· Prior to embryo transfer, all the embryos are examined and healthiest one is selected for transfer.

· After few weeks one can take a pregnancy test.

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