U Drills And Its Various Metrics - Benefits And Applications

Published By Mahesh H S, 8 Nov 2017

U Drills And Its Various Metrics -  Benefits And Applications
U Drills:

The “U Drill” is a ‘Cutting Tool’ used to drill or bore into the material to create holes, usually of circular cross-section. U-Drills cuts the material in a rotary fashion, having multipoint cutting tooth that makes perfect and deeper holes through thousands of repeated cuttings. Cutting machine forces the cutting edge against the material piece into fine desired carvings. For creating holes, drill bit is fixed to a drilling machine powered by electricity, cuts the material piece smoothly, typically by rotation leaving back the scrap or swarf. The drill bits come in many sizes and can generate various kinds of holes in different objects.

The U-drill is a tool, the effective technique for drilling out cavities. It drills the material making a hole of desired level 



Drilling cavity or hole in most materials.

Metal parts design.



High metal removal capacity rate.

High productive solution

Hard tool

21.5mm U Drill

The 21.5mm U-drill is blackened and hardened material used for drilling or for creating a required cavity. The four cutting ends per inserts increase the greater efficiency and cost savings, providing the superior outer finishes. The U-drill is non-corrosive, lesser deterioration of coating giving stable cutting and superior tool life.

The Some Of the Advantages


Higher cutting speeds

Less machine noise

Greater system rigidity.

Lower cutting forces

31.5mm u drill

The 31.5 mm U-Drill has exclusive designs, and is used for the chip breaker. This drill the chip with perfection when machining materials like cast iron, stainless steel and steel. The U-drill geometry for the peripheral cutting ends gives distinguished cutting accuracy.

The Some of the Applications


1.Drilling metals

2.Metal designs

3.Hard metal sheets

4.Common drilling


It cuts through harder and tougher materials.

High speed rotation cuts the material in less time.

The bit drills, create low noise.

Drills cut perfectly and prevent cracks and chips.

It is easily replaceable and low-cost.