Types of Rolling Gates New York City

Published By American Door, 2 Nov 2017

Types of Rolling Gates New York City
Doors perform 2 simple functions. They need to be able to open and close when necessary. When it's even a roll up door or an apartment rolling door in the ever busy New York City these duties can not be over emphasized. As such, they need to work efficiently while also providing the maximum possible privacy and security.

New York is a metropolitan area and with many industries and warehouses. Most of these warehouses will need roll up doors that are custom is able and can open and close fast. After all, time is money. Having to deal with a lot of traffic, these roll up doors are able to open and close quickly without any hitch. They are durable and reliable, designed to handle thousands of daily open and close cycles. Every roll up door is custom made to particular specifications with quality commercial grade materials and built for minimal maintenance.

Types of Roll up Doors

Depending on the purpose it is intended for roll up doors can be classified into the following 3 types.

1. Rolling Fire Doors

These kind of doors are fitted at specific locations within a factory or warehouse. Their function is to automatically lock down if there is a fire outbreak, to prevent the fire from spreading into other areas. They are made from from fire resistant materials that can withstand up to certain degrees of very high temperature.

2. Rolling Sheets Doors.

These are the types used in backyard sheds and garages and for other simpler uses. They are made from relatively cheap materials mostly corrugated iron. They are usually opened by hand and are generally light weight.

3. Rolling Steel Doors.

These are the heavy weight versions of the rolling sheet doors. They are more utilized in the exterior of industries and warehouses. They are built with thick metal slats and usually require a hoist to control the opening and closing. They are more expensive than the ordinary rolling sheet doors.

In recent times, modern interior decorations have also seen residential type rolling doors installed in living spaces.

Roll Up Doors in Staten Island and Brooklyn

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