Two geniuses – one combo

Published By Hamee India, 16 Nov 2017

Two geniuses – one combo

Two geniuses – one combo

Does Apple need any further exaggeration?  The name itself is self-explanatory. Apple and their technology are landmarks in sphere of technology worldwide. They create the bench marks for other to follow.

Master book- MacBook pro-Ground-breaking idea

The device is razor thin and weighs as light as feather. The processor is faster and powerful than that had come from Apple house before. MacBook pro combines the most colourful Mac notebook display along with touch bar – a multi-touch-enabled strip of glass. It’s built into keyboard for instant access to the tools one want whenever they want to.

You use -touch bar senses

Touch bar replaces the function keys which earlier have occupied the keyboard of laptops. But the difference is that this touch bar is much more versatile and capable. It adjusts automatically based on which tools you use the most.

Like your handset it enables intelligent typing features that of predictive text, emoji or content browsing. There are many more to add to the list.

Icing on cake

Touch ID is available on a MacBook enabling instant access for logins.  One may Hold the Command key while pressing Touch ID (power button) three times to toggle Voiceover, which reads aloud Touch Bar commands.

Power packed MacBook

It is slim and light in weight. The screen is brighter, audio quality is improved, faster graphics and disk speed in MacBook pro.  The trackpad is spacious enough for easy hand operation on it.  The battery life is long enough and the touch pad doesn’t makes irritating sound while working. All in all MacBook pro is much desired technological acquisition if you are fond of Apple every day.

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