Top Trends in #MobileApplication #Development 2017

Published By Maria Desilva, 26 Sep 2017

Top Trends in #MobileApplication #Development 2017

Today life is unimaginable without the smartphones. Smartphones are an integral part of our life. Every aspect of our life is seamlessly executed thanks to our smartphones right from the morning alarm, WhatsApp messages, reading the news, to listening to music, checking emails, and updating project statuses etc. Presently, 2.1 billion people across the globe have their own smartphones. Therefore, the use and popularity of smartphones are here to stay all through 2017. So, a lot of emphasesare given on mobile app development. Here are some of the current mobile app development trends.

Focus on Artificial Intelligence

According to Gartner, there would be over 300 percent boost in investment in the field of Artificial Intelligence through the effective use of machine learning technologies, cutting-edge analytics, and cognitive interfaces into intricate systems. Artificial Intelligence will be providing business users easy access to really powerful insights like never before. Because of these amazing benefits, corporate giants such as Google, eBay, IBM etc. have already acquired startups that are specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

The Impact of AMP on Web App Scenario

Google had launched the famous AMP Project about a year back. Moreover, recently Google came up with an announcement that there would actually be a different search index meant for the mobile web. This path-breaking measure would be transforming the trends in mobile app development, particularly from Web App and SEO perspective. The web apps, supported by Google AMP would be loading much faster on your smartphones and other mobile devices. There would be a reduction in bounce rates. It would also be benefitting publishers with amplified ad visibility and definitely more traffic. Try hiring experts in mobile app development for perfect solutions.

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