Top 10 Reasons To Choose Magento For E-commerce Development

Published By Lokesh Magarde, 7 Dec 2017

There are dozens of e-commerce platforms available. Many businesses have started shifting towards digital business. Magento is a very well known e-commerce platform. Magento is one of the most powerful and useful e-commerce platforms. Magento is the most preferred content management system. Many brands are using Magento for the developing their e-commerce websites. You can easily and conveniently use this platform for many operations. Magento has many expandable features. magento provides scalable and enterprise-level features. Here are some reasons why you should choose Magento for your e-commerce development:


1. Open Source:

Magento is an open-source platform. It has two editions: Magento community edition and Magento enterprise edition. The Magento community edition is free of cost. It does not even cost the license. But the Magento enterprise edition is not free of cost. Many of the developers use this platform for the development of the e-commerce website because it is easily available.


2. Amazing Features:

Magento provides a lot of amazing features for your e-commerce website. It provides extensions according to the modern online business needs. Some of the advanced features of Magento are advanced search filters, role-specific features, user management, Google website optimizer integration.  It provides may store management features such as range of locations, multi-currency, pricing modes etc.


3. Flexible:

Magento offers a great flexibility. You can easily extend both front end and back end features. It does not affect the entire system. This offers a unique user experience to the users. Magento is highly flexible and customizable. You can easily customize products, brands and shopping carts without any difficulty.


4. Responsive:

Magento provides responsiveness in the e-commerce website. You can easily create an e-commerce website which can efficiently work with multiple devices, irrespective of their screen size and other features. Customers can easily access these websites through their mobile devices. The e-commerce website developed on Magento can be accessed on the mobile device.


5. Multiple stores using a single backend:

Magento provides the feature to handle multiple storefronts using single backend.  Using this feature you can easily add several shopping stores to the website.  You can also include thousands of products and catalogs to provide a uniform shopping experience to all customers.  Easy navigation is available for the desired products. This feature simplifies the process as well as the time for the setting up the multiple storefronts with similar features. You can set multiple stores with the single installation.


6. Third Party Integration:

Magento allows you to easily integrate a large number third-party services. You can add external payment gateways like PayPal, eBay, QuickBooks etc. These payment integrations help the customers to pay from anywhere in the world. These multiple payment features provide users an easy shopping experience.


7. SEO friendly:

Magento provides enough support for the SEO features. These SEO features will help to optimize the pages of your website and help them to rank better in the search engines. Using Magento you can easily customize or modify URL's, categories, content, description, keywords of your website. These SEO features optimize search engine results ranking of websites. This will help you to drive more traffic towards your website.


8. Scalable:

Magento is a highly scalable platform. It can fulfill all kinds of business requirements with the right configuration and hardware. The performance of the website will not be affected if there is the sudden boost in the traffic towards your website if it is supported by a robust server. Other platforms may not be able to manage this kind of flexibility. This kind of scalability can lead to slow page load speed and website crashing. Magento offers scalability that ensures e-commerce stores function.


9. Community:

Magento has a large development community.  This community is constantly working on maintaining and updating the platform to ensure its security, reliability, and speed. Magento community has users, store owners, developers and service providers.


10. Checkout Option:

Magento provides single checkout option for all the products. The customer does not have to opt different checkout option for several products.

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