Tips for Online Students To Avoid Burnout

Published By Tom Greenfield, 26 Apr 2019

Tips for Online Students To Avoid Burnout

Are you placing your focus on the right things in your academic life? Online learning can be taxing, with many burned out students quitting midway. When you study for long hours, run a business, and carry out your household chores, you may feel like you can’t get through the class. Working for long hours without a break can lead to burnout and can increase your chances of havng a stroke, shows a major study conducted by the scientists at the University College, London. We have recommended three essential tips to make smarter choices about how to spend your study sessions. These tips can help to shift your focus in a healthy direction.

1.      Master Your Time

As an online student, you have to be an expert in time management. Train yourself to be aware of time. If you’re looking to make progress towards, keep a detailed calendar and schedule personal and professional time. Implement the Pomodoro time management technique and divide your time for 25 minutes of focused attention followed by  5 minute breaks. This can help you maintain focus throughout study sessions. When you’re extremely busy, you can outsource tasks that you don’t have the time to do. It is a great idea to hire online class help services and lessen the burden. We can complete your academic assignments and online tests and earn an A or B grade. Paying someone to take online class can free you up to do other things.

2.      Learn To Say No

Stay focused and don’t take up activities without thoroughly evaluating them. Learning to say no is one of the secrets to educational success. It is time to embrace the power of saying the no. Unfortunately it’s one word we’re all reluctant to utter. It’s because we don’t want to disappoint or offend others and miss out on an opportunity. But doing so can help you stay true to your values and prevent yourself from experiencing burnout. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend your life exhausted, overworked, and resentful.

3.      Put Technology to Work

Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and other popular apps distract people when they are supposed to be focusing on their studies. But even though technology has this bad reputation, it can also be used to eliminate distractions. If you are constantly lured by social media posts or text messages, there are a ton of apps to help. Apps like Cold Turkey Blocker, Hocus Focus, Freedom, Self Control, RescueTime, Mindful Browsing, and LeechBlock can help limit distractions and boost productivity. Take advantage of these helpful apps and implement them into your daily study routine. You will find that they help you progress in your studies.

4.      Take Regular Breaks

With all the pressure of work and studies, one of the best ways to maintain steady levels of energy is to take frequent study breaks. Use these breaks to perform a set of sun salutation poses, squats, or do a quick power walk. Also, when you interact with new places and people, you can get rid of the stress of academics for a little while. Explore a quiet spot or an area free from technology to let your mind wander. When you get back to work, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Make use of these tips to maximize productivity and protect yourself from getting burnout.