Tips for Creating a Mother’s Necklace With Names

Published By Annie Reh, 12 Oct 2017

Tips for Creating a Mother’s Necklace With Names

Creating a customized, beautiful piece of jewelry is a fantastic way to celebrate the influence and importance of a mother in your life. One of the most unique and memorable designs for such a gift is a mother’s “name necklace,” which signifies the bond and the mutual care between a mother and her children. Name necklaces come in a number of forms, which we will explore below, but the one factor that connects them all is the etching of each of the names of all of a mother’s children into the jewelry itself. This guide will help you create a necklace for a beloved mother in your life that will never be forgotten.

1. Choose a High Quality Metal
A mother’s name necklace is an important jewelry piece that carries significant symbolism. It should be attractive, long lasting, and designed to be comfortably worn. When making a piece of jewelry that is meant to last, make sure to choose a quality metal that will not degrade or lose its luster. High quality metals are also more likely to be modifiable, in case of new additions to the family, and repairable in the rare instance that damage is sustained to the necklace. As an added bonus, high-quality metals, such as gold and platinum, are much less likely to cause irritation to those who are wearing them. A quality necklace will be one lasting reminder to the mother in your life of her importance and impact on those of whom she loves.

2. Choose Jewelry Shape and Engravings Carefully
Some name necklaces are a single piece, engraved with the names of a mother’s children. Others, are individual charms that are strung together on a chain. When designing a necklace, it is important to design it with enough space for the engraved names to be readable and attractive. Choose an etching style that fits well with the rest of the necklace, as certain fonts may look out of place or be difficult to read when etched into jewelry. If the mother in your life has multiple children, consider choosing a multi-piece style of necklace so as not to give a single piece necklace a cluttered or cramped appearance. Another benefit of a multi-piece or charm style necklace is the easy addition of new pieces. It is a joyful reality that families often grow, and new members are born and need to be celebrated. With a charm-style necklace, purchasing a new charm is simple, creating a Mothers Necklace With Names that reflect the importance of every member of the family.

3. If Designing a Charm-Style Necklace, Consider Additional Charms
Another major benefit of the charm-style necklace is that additional charms can be added to create a mother’s necklace with names that also contains other types of charms. For an example of this, a very beautiful charm necklace could be created by spacing out each engraved name charm with a golden heart charm. Charms don’t have to be simple shapes, though, non-engraved charms can contain gems or custom shaping that makes the necklace stand out even more.

These three tips are the first key tips in creating a gift that the mother in your life will never forget. Celebrating the unity and perseverance of family, and the courage of motherhood by building a mother’s necklace with names is not only a memorable gift, though, it is an experience for the whole family to participate in. In this way, each name on the necklace truly represents the care that went into creating it.

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